Monday, 2 February 2009

Well the snow keeps falling!

How I love working in a school, the minute there is a bit of snow they always close, Im pleased for another reason today though, I was going to have to take the day off to look after Charley as she isn't very well, full of cold and red raw eyes, conjunctivitus! Have booked her an appointment at the docs, so will brave the blizzard later and get her some drops! At the moment we are tucked up on the sofa with our snuggly blankets and ready for some dedicated mummy and baby time! Not that she is a baby anymore, where have the last four years gone!

Last night i was blog hopping, as I do frequently and came across a blast from the past. I found Est's blog and was midly intrigued by her location and kids names, when i trawling back through her previous posts it turns out i went to school with her years and years ago, so I promptly emailed her to say hi and she has now responded! Its so nice to see what people are up too these days, and how well she is doingfor herself.

Just pondering over how long I will be able to stand listening to cbeebies today, I give it till about 11am. Harry and Toto is blasting at the moment! Might have to suggest a film in abit, I cant stand this channel!!!

Might get the crafting stuff out at lunchtime, its much easier now that I have moved all of it into the spare room, I must start a mini bok for steve for valentines day, fortunatly being 6x6 it wont take too long!!! I really want to order some new stash but am resisiting the temptation as I need to save for our florida trip, I have every intention of picking myself up some yummy stuff out there. Told Steve tht we are visiting the scrapping shops on the first day of the hols the i dont care what we do as long as I have scrap stuff Im sorted!!!!!!! He and Paul can go out every evening for all I care but I will be crafting!!!!

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Jinny Holt said...

Loving the snow pics Jo~ we got a very piddly amout~not worth writing about really ! NICE WELLIES TOO X