Saturday, 14 February 2009

Been naughty again!

Well ok, not that naughty! We had a nice relaxing morning this morning, Charley didnt get up till 8am!!! The we all sat and watched telly together till nearly lunchtime! Steve loved the card and tag book and adored Charlottes valentines card too!

Went to visitmy sister in law to be and then the craft shop, where charley roped me into buying her a stamp - yes a horse stamp as she is horesy mad!!! I only picked a couple of bits up myself, some of the papermania journalling spots and a forever friends easter decoupage pack which I thought that Charlotte and I could do together. They are great as a cheat and as my hands are so bad lately I thought that it was the best option!

Now stuck in front of the telly watching Nina and the flaming Neurons! What joy! Im hoping that I get to the make it show next weekend but Im not holding my breath, mum isnt too keen on having Charley for the day, perhaps I should just take her with me!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Right well my romantic evening is an evening for one! in front of the telly with a box of malteasers! my kind of bliss, w dont bow down to comercialism in this house and will go for our romantic meal in a couple of weeks when we want to!!! Steve on the other hand is going otu for the evening with his 'single' mate! lol!!!! I dont mind, have been promised a takeaway so Im happy as it means no cooking and only little washing up!YAY!!!! Im all for an easy life!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh jo, I hope to get to the make it show too, depending on a baby sitter... hoping to go on the friday though, shame they picked half term to have it on...

maria xx