Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Oh hurry up and give me my house back!

Another day of messing around waiting for carpet fitters to arrive then arrive back from lunch and still only have half a wood floor, I guess its getting there though!

Am still feeling really rough with my viral infection and have lots of rashy spots all over my legs and my arms, weird though as there isnt a single one on my stomach! Will pop and see the GP later this week if they are still there though. Im enjoying my week off though, going to get on with my dissertation for certain tomorrow, but am finding it soooo hard to get into! Due date is looming though so I best hurry up!

Been checking out the cc galleries from the weekend on UKS, there is some fab work, might try a few more of the classes this week, I much prefer doing them in my own time rather than to a deadline.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Back to reality with a bump!

Well its monday morning and Ive been told by the doctors not to work this week, so Im about to enjoy my week off!!! lol! Ive a viral infection so Im soooooo sad, because at least now I can work on my dissertation whilst Charlotte is at preschool! She is starting tuesday afternoons now so that will be cooooool!

I finished the cybercrop with 280 points which isnt bad considering I didnt think I would get a chance to do anything for it, 200 of those i gained before i started though! I managed two classes which I will upload tonight when I can get upstairs, we have the carpet people in screeding the floor, so by about 6.30pm/7pm tonight we will be able to walk on it again, problem is they are screeding the downstairs hall which is the main walkway through the house and we can't go anywhere at the moment, Im confined to the lounge and if i want the kitchen I have to walk around the outside of the house and go in through the back garden! Oh what joy, still tomorrow we should have spanking new wood floor up the hallway and then this time next week we will be having the carpet laid up the stairs!!!!!! Hooray the house will sparkle for the first time since we moved in!

Im have started making a book about our house and bought some lovely Heidi Grace papers - a little nirds tale the other week to cover the book with, Im really pleased with how its turning out, I now wish that I have bought the shimelle no place like home class as I think that that would have been fab!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Cyber Crop is underway

Over on UKS, its frantic over there, but here is calm and collected! Well sort of! Ive done one class and thats it, Ive printed all the PDF's so that I can have a go at them but to be honest, scrappig to a deadline doesnt really do it for me. With precrop tasks etc Ive got 200 points for my team but apart from a couple of layouts Im not likely to get many more. I played bingo last night but all that refreshing gets a bit tedious so was glad when it was over.

I took Charlotte to the park yesterday morning to feed the ducks, there was one little female duck that she named Darling and had to keep feeding and on the way back round the pond we spotted some baby ducklings with their mummy and daddy, she was desperate to take one home and kept asking for one, tried explaining that their mummy would be sad if we took one but she wouldnt have one she was determined to have one till i told her that if she wanted to go get one she would have to get into the pond and swim to one. She then decided that the sandpit in the park was a better option!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Getting there!

Right here are some of the layouts from the Shimelle challenge on UKS that I have completed, I dont want to get all the pages ready because I want to choose papers etc that go with the pics I take on those days.

Can't get my PDF reader going so will get hubby to sort it out later I hope and then perhaps this time Ill take my pics tomorrow and just pretend they were taken today, no one will know will they!!!
Ive taken all my pics for my circle journal and am uploading them as we speak so that I can send them across to Jessops to print out then I can collect them in the morning, no way Im going into town tonight!

Ive been tagged!

Well I have been tagged today by foxcraft, aka, Caz! so here are my 7 random facts:

1 I used to be a Brown Owl witht he Brownies
2 I proposed to my hubby on the back of a Jet Ski
3 The first time I flew was on my own to the USA
4 My first car was a horrible little Fiat Panda
5 I cant stand milk, especially on my skin
6 The first time I went abroard was to France with the school
7 I have always wanted to go to Rome, but huby doesnt so I guess Ill never get there!

Im passing this to five other bloggers:

Well its cyber crop tonight on UKS and all weekend, not sure how much I will get done but IM hopig to do a little bit! Im off to do my shimelles 25th of every month challenge now Ill post pics later.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Yay!!! I passed!

Got my last assignment back yesterday, and got 60% which for me is good! Im pleased as i was expecting about 45%.

Ive still got my two circle journal entries to get done this week and finish the other book which is great, the mystery challenge for the cybercrop, cyber crop trading faces challenge, this weeks uks challenge and he cyber crop this weekend! too much to do I feel! Oh and about 6 weeks of ironing - well thats how it feels.

Steve is still working on the decorating, its sooooo time consuming and frustrating, you cant get anywhere in the house, roll on monday when the floor arrives! Another week monday and we will have stair carpet too! Sooooooo excting!
Managed to get the week 2 cybercrop challenge complete from UKS, there was a sketch to follw and this is my interpretation of it! DD has this thing about these rocking horse thingy's at parks, even from an early age, this was at the airport in Spain on her first holiday in 2005!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Busy little bee today!

Been busy today, did these three layouts, these first two make up a double layout in my Charley's book! They were taken a week or two after Easter when she did her egg hunt in Granny's garden as the weather was soooooo terrible Easter weekend!

This one is of her in her Easter Dress which she absolutely loves and would wear every day if she could!

These were all made using Scenic Route Lynden papers, which I got from my fellow Fruitloop, Jo at Scrappydos. Love these papers and chipboard shapes, the ribbons are some american crafts ribbons.

This is the fabby stash that Claire sent me! I love all of it and Claire you will notice that I have used some of the flowers on my layouts above, they were perfect colours for the lynden papers! Got some paints on order so that I can Jazz up my letter J, thank you once again Claire!

We spent this afternoon at the park as it was really lovely sunshine - would be bearing in mind that we go back to work tomorrow!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

My swappee got her bag too!

Here is the gooody bag that I sent Barbara G, She said that she was happy with it so I hope she was!..I popped in some wooly, fluffy socks to keep her toese warm whilst she scraps, a wooden box to alter, sticky tape, lots of choccies, nuts and popcorn. I didnt decorate a pen it ws uselsss attempting to so bought one but did alter a little notebok, then there was hot chocolate, archers and a box of bits and bobs like brads, chipboard and flowers as well as ribbons and papers!

Friday, 18 April 2008

It came!

My cyber crop goody box arrived this morning whilst I was out shopping, Hooray! Look at thar paper, so glittery and glimmery, sooooo special! and made with care and attention to detail, thank you sooo much Kelley! I just love the bx alone!
It was brimming!

It was all wrapped soooooo cutely I had to photgraph it and everything had a little label with some kind of cryptic clue as to what was inside it!

So what was inside you ask, loads and loads, including a little pressie for Charlotte which isnt pictured as she hadnt opened it when I took pics! Just get an eyeful of this!!!!

There were some fab nivea products, honey roasted nuts(mmmmm), Werthers originals (my fav!) dark chocolate (notice how I started with the food!, blingy bits, a pen, paperchase journalling book, nail file, nail varnish, sticky bits and lots of other little cool bits, I love it and was soooooo excited with it.

My goodies from my team swap arrived today as well, will take a piccie later, Claire sent far more the £5.00 we were meant to, so now Im going to have a look and see what else I can find for her!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Worms, worms everywhere!

We went to the allotment with grandme today and Charley did her usual worm hunt! The she named them all with names like Betsy, Cheesey and george! Kids huh!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Life gets easier!!!

Fab morning this morning! Steve took the day off from decorating and we took Charley to Fizzy Kids, this was the first time neither me or Steve has had to follow her around she played really nicely with a couple of little kiddies and not a bite in sight! (for those of you who know me, this is a real hurdle we have overcome, for those that dont, biting has been an issue since about 18 months with Charley, so there is light at the end of the tunnel for us and Im so happy!)

My gorgeous new scrapagogo kit arrived and I love it, pinks in it so thats the best for me, got the add ons this month as well which were lovely, the sequin flowers are beautiful, but the nest bit was the journalling notebook from Making Memories, its lush and I cant wait to get using it on layouts!!! I feel some scrapping coming on!

Finished my goody bag for the UKS swap and have packed up my team mate CLaires goodies for the team swap too, so tomorrow its off the Post Office for me! Then we are off to Grandmas allotment to help plant some veggies!

Right bed is calling my little madam! So toodlepip, Cherio and i'll be back soon!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Hooray, Ive got the rest of the week off!

I did my last afternoon at kids club this afternoon till next week, booked myself the rest of the week off so I can relax and chill before heading back to work next week. Need to get myself into gear and do some work on my dissertation as the date is only a month away!!!!

Charley got a new kitchen for her bedroom today, she was given one last year but its sooooo huge I had to buy a smaller one, its only an argos cheapy but will do the job for the next year or so!

Finished my goody bag except the silly pen! Im not sure that I know what to do with it so Ive bought a predecorated one as a cheat just in case!!!

Right off to apply for a new job, wish me luck the closing date is today!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Shop til you drop!

Been shopping for the UKS cyber crop today, found it really hard although my swappee has written what she likes in her profile, from the pics in her gallery its quite obvious that she uses mainly die cut stuff (on an electronic die cutter) so it didnt give me any clues, and there is nothing in her profiles about smellies/body products she might use so Ive guessed and have to hope that she likes them! Just got to wrap them all up, decorate my little bear and finish the bag off. I am hoping she likes the altered notebook I have made for her, its been great fun doing this!

Bought Charley her space hopper today she has been wanting one for ages (I can't wait either) keep remembering the holiday we went on as kids to Pontins where we had space hopper races at the evening disco every night! Those were the days!

I have done a double layout this morning and last night using Rhonna Farrarr papers, they were fromt he Scrapping Angels January Kit and very lush! Well I love them, just have some journalling to put on obe of them but cant find the little journalling spots I bought the other week on etsy!

Right I need to complete the weekly challenge for UKS and get on with my Docrafts CJ so no rest for the wicked is there!

Thursday, 10 April 2008


Over on the Docrafts blog they are asking for comments on the crop-a-dile. I love mine so much so I also now have the Crop-a-dile 2 big bite! I have the lilac version which matches my craft tote and trolley so that's always a good start. I find it very easy to use and mine came with a handy storage case which holds eyelets which is fab!

It cuts though almost anything and Ive made some fab ribbon storage with mine. The downside is that it can only set and make holes up to just over an inch into a page hence the purchase of the Crop-a-dile 2 big bite which makes holes up to 6 inches into a page, so right into the centre of my 12x12 layouts! I love it and would not be without it!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Feeling Guilty!

One of my teamies from UKS made me feel a bit guilty today about the amount of 12x12 I have, I have over 4 pm carriers of paper and at a rough guess Id say over 1500 sheets of paper and I still continue to buy more! Ill photograph it later, the worst thing is that I hardly use any of it, I always go buying more and more, take today for instance, my order from angel crafts arrived and yep, there was more paper in that! But its soooooo cute, its by Heidi Grace and its called a little birds tale, so that says it all really doesnt it!

So should I feel guilty I ask myself, we I suppose yes, when I tot up how much stash I have it is really rather worrying, so I think that I seriously need to go and use some of it up on layouts, so off I pop! Toodle pip!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Two postings in one day!

Just updating my latest addition to my blog for Charlotte's scrapbook, with my march scrapagogo kit!

Settling down

Well our hall is almost a very bright shade of yellow, I think Steve will try and finish it tonight, I hate the colour now its on the walls but can't tell him!!!

Did a layout in superquick timing today, ill upload later. Im really pleased with it as it uses my least favourite colour - BROWN - YUCK!!! It acutally looks quite cool though! I used my march scrapagogo kit which I thought that I was never ever gonna use as its all browns, mustardy yellows etc using lots of the K&Co wild saffron and some scenic route papers. Im pleased with the way it turned out though and am going to start another brown layout later!!!

Charley is beginning to settle down at pre school with other children now - fingers crossed and the biting for the moment has slowed right down, I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, she is much better behaved at home but Im dreading the next 2 weeks of school holidays and cant wait for 25th April when school starts again!!! Shoudlnt wish life away but I hate school holidays!

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Was woken up this morning to the shrieks of 'its snowing, its snowing, its snowing!' and there it was 2 inches deep! So it was up, bath, dress and breakfast before breaking loose into the street to make our snowman which I will upload piccies of later!

No we are at home int he warm watching a dvd and believe me thats the best place for us at the minute! I hate the cold, well who doesnt!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Circle Journal is doing its rounds!!!

my Circle Journal!

My cj for the newbie UKS cj's is on its way, I loved working on this little book, two scoops is soooooooooo yummy I love it to bits, now I want to buy more, but Im not going to, I have just ordered the UKS musical melodies mystery kit and joined the goody bag swap too so Im going to be busy over the new few weeks getting organised for that!

My team on UKS (the Fruitloops!) are also having a mini swap of all our old stash, we have to decide on what we think is roughly £5.00 and send that off to a fellow loopie and a parcel will be sent in return, only problem is if I dont want my stuff will they really want it!!!!! We shall see!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Done and dusted

All done and dusted, well the assignment is anyhow! The last one so just a dissertationa and an exam to go wahay!

Just ordered the cybercrop mystery kit hopefully it will be good!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Why does the sun always shine when I have to work!

How comes the weather over easter was so awful and now Im back at work its lovely sunny weather! No doubt next week will be glorious when Im running the playscheme and the week after will be terrible cos Ive booked the week off.

Quite pleased with myself over the weekend, made good headway with my assignment and managed to finish an easter mini book - with dull grey piccies in as the weather was so bad! and also managed to get three other layouts done for my a-z of me, havent managed to upload them as i cant find the thing you put the photo card into to (full of technical jargon me arent i? they thingy you put the thingy into!!!)

Right off to polish my assignment off and hopefully then can lay it to rest early this evening as Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fed up with it, I only have to pass, i only have to pass, 41%, 41% will do! If I keep saying it I may convince myself that I will pass!!!