Monday, 28 April 2008

Back to reality with a bump!

Well its monday morning and Ive been told by the doctors not to work this week, so Im about to enjoy my week off!!! lol! Ive a viral infection so Im soooooo sad, because at least now I can work on my dissertation whilst Charlotte is at preschool! She is starting tuesday afternoons now so that will be cooooool!

I finished the cybercrop with 280 points which isnt bad considering I didnt think I would get a chance to do anything for it, 200 of those i gained before i started though! I managed two classes which I will upload tonight when I can get upstairs, we have the carpet people in screeding the floor, so by about 6.30pm/7pm tonight we will be able to walk on it again, problem is they are screeding the downstairs hall which is the main walkway through the house and we can't go anywhere at the moment, Im confined to the lounge and if i want the kitchen I have to walk around the outside of the house and go in through the back garden! Oh what joy, still tomorrow we should have spanking new wood floor up the hallway and then this time next week we will be having the carpet laid up the stairs!!!!!! Hooray the house will sparkle for the first time since we moved in!

Im have started making a book about our house and bought some lovely Heidi Grace papers - a little nirds tale the other week to cover the book with, Im really pleased with how its turning out, I now wish that I have bought the shimelle no place like home class as I think that that would have been fab!

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