Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Cyber Crop is underway

Over on UKS, its frantic over there, but here is calm and collected! Well sort of! Ive done one class and thats it, Ive printed all the PDF's so that I can have a go at them but to be honest, scrappig to a deadline doesnt really do it for me. With precrop tasks etc Ive got 200 points for my team but apart from a couple of layouts Im not likely to get many more. I played bingo last night but all that refreshing gets a bit tedious so was glad when it was over.

I took Charlotte to the park yesterday morning to feed the ducks, there was one little female duck that she named Darling and had to keep feeding and on the way back round the pond we spotted some baby ducklings with their mummy and daddy, she was desperate to take one home and kept asking for one, tried explaining that their mummy would be sad if we took one but she wouldnt have one she was determined to have one till i told her that if she wanted to go get one she would have to get into the pond and swim to one. She then decided that the sandpit in the park was a better option!

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