Saturday, 27 June 2009

Another album!

Here is the album that I made for Emma after her wedding I wanted to get something made for when she returned from Honeymoon and I managed it, she was sooooo pleased with it, and so was I.

A card!

I made this one for another challenge on CSSR but never uploaded that either, it was to use blue and brown together. Im quite pleased with this card its certain not a colour combination I would use normally, as I hate brown!!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Been busy

Ok, so life hasnt been that easy for me recently and I have managed to do some crafting, mainly in the form of albums for everyone except me of course! This album is of steves friend, which I made him for his 50th birthday!

These are just some of the pages I have done 20 layouts in total, so am well pleased with myself, they are a bit simple but then they are for a bloke so you dont want loads of flowers everywhere do you!

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Long time!

The last few weeks have gone by in a whirlwind, i can't beleive that we are past the middle of June. I cant explain a lot of whats been going on, its better that way, but things are fairly tough at the moment.

Ive done very little crafting, very little of anything, I did make fathers day cards, but, didnt photograph them as I wasnt proud of them, my heart wasnt in them this year due to unforseen circumstance, I know that the next few weeks are going to be hard work for me, so dont expect I will be blogging that much and for those of you who have me on your contacts for facebook, i will be deactivating my account in the next week, reasons best left unsaid!

Life seems to be taking unbelieveable twists and turns for me, and Im not sure where I m heading at the moment, hopefully next time I come on here I might have some answers!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Havent blogged in a week!

Life has kind of taken over again, so much to do all the time, there is 7 weeks till we visit the states and I can't wait. Spent most of this week in and out of the house, have loads of school work that I should be doing but just dont get the time to do, got to start discplining myself and get in with it as come september I dont have any excuses for not doing it all. Im beginning to wonder if going back to studying is the right thing!

I have managed to get a mini book done for MIL as she is now in hospital and the ongoing saga with my nan and grandad is still going on. SS have told mum and dad that if grandad doesnt go home soon they will drop his case and it will have to be restarted whenever he does decide to go home, so they are taking him back wednesday for a couple of days and for a ss assessment. Its sooo hard because after 60 years of marriage they dont want to be apart but we cant see nan ever being able to go home, maybe a nursing home, but the chances if them then staying together is slim. Cruel world we live in isnt it. Nans 3 weeks in the rehab unit is up this week so we will wait the outcome of the case conference and see what happens!

Will upload my mini book, I did it for the CSSR challenge last week, be chic, which was to use the range in anyway to create anything, but seeing as i didnt get it uploaded I didnt link to their blog, i wasnt in with a chance of winning any prizes! I did it the other week for the brown and blue challenge, I still have the card here should try and upload it at some point I guess!

Yesterday we were supposed to be going to Basingstoke to see the kite festival, but decided that the weather was naff so stayed at home, we did end up in basingstoke however but at the bear factory!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it that you go in there and spend so much on a t shirt for a bear than you do on one for yourself in Primark!

So this week holds: inset day for charley tomorrow - shes in preschool, not school, why do they need inset days! a maths day where i get to teach all of foundation stage and KS1 -Im not a teacher yet!!!!!! A maths meeting on wednesday evening at 6.30pm, not a very helpful time for a mummy! I have to pop to woking wednesday night too to get some books that i won on ebay for my teaching course, friday my mates over for pizza and a bottle! So the week is pretty packed and Ive pormised to see another friend too this week, not sure how im going to fit it all in!!!!

I also have 2 60th birthday cards to prepare for sunday, when we are off to a meal to celebrate Steve's best mates birthday oh and his brothers twins birthday! It never stops does it!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Mini book!

Here is a little mini book that I made of our trip to Frimley Lodge the other week when it was bright and sunny, we had a lovely time!