Saturday, 31 January 2009

Been a few days...

since i entered the world of Blogland, Im having really bad anxiety attacks at the moment, where my throat feels like its closing up and I cant swallow. Few issues been going on here over the last few weeks and I think its all connected but its really not nice, dont know what to do about it either!

Work is still going well, I love it, its nice to finally be able to say that I enjoy my job! Lets hope that it continues.

Im still working on Q4 from the 52Q&A's, havent had a lot of chance to do this one yet, its all about what you see when you 'look into my eyes'. I have made some recipe cards ready for febs swap over on the Docrafts forum that Ive started, need something to do now that my cj is finished!

Next week is the cybercrop over on UKS. I have signed up to it but havent bought any kits this year, was a bit dissappointed last year as I didnt get much of a chance to do the classes, so rather than wste money on kits might have a rootle around at home and see what I can use up! Im also seriously stash dieting as I have soooooo much I really dont need any more and what I have got I dont use enough of!

Right off for a bit of brain training!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Question 3 - 52 Q&A's

Well this was an easy question! Who doesnt??????

Question 2 completed!

So here is Question 2 - am I afraid of change - I guess it depends on whta is involved really, Im pleased I changed jobs, but there ae other changes that freak me out, so I gues my answer here is not conclusive!

Front cover for 52 Q&A

So here is the front cover that I have finally completed. might add a few flowers but not sure yet, am loving the felt thickers though at the moment!!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

52 Q&A

This a fab project to get your teeth into! Jackie ( who always manages to find the most amazing blogs) over on docrafts gave us a link to Em's blog here , she launched 3 weeks ago, a fabulous 52 Q&A project. Each week, she offers one question and the idea is to create tags, or a journalling book, with the question on one side, and the answer on the other. This is a great project, hone up your journalling skills (and I certainly need help with that!), and two, to learn a lot about yourself. Why not take a look and have a go, its a nice easy project that is fun to do!

Last night I was daft though, instead of getting my cropadile out I thought Ill use a hole punch, OH NO! BIG MISTAKE!!!! What had I put on the back of the card Id just loveingly made, but ribbon! I managed to get the card jammed in it, stuck fast and had to get steve to sort it out it was soooooo jammed, so the moral of this story is...dont try and cut corners, it ends up wrecking your project and wasting more time!!!!!

Will upload question 2 later.

Todays question is up now...

Do you believe in faries?

We have a lot of fairy talk in our house...and lately the fairies have been visiting ivy's room late at night - she has a special collection of 'sap crystals' (little crystals collected from the trees!) that the fairies move around and form special shapes with...a heart, her name etc. sometimes they sprinkle fairy dust on their creations too. it's very magical!

Hope your week is full of magic and creating...i'm working on getting some links on my blog with all the Q's and the flickr group easy to find.

Monday, 19 January 2009

52 Q&A

I fially got round to starting the 52 Q&A 's project so here is the first one, number 2 is in its working state and number 3's prompt will be available later today!

I also have finally completed the challenge for my team on UKS! Should have been live on monday last week, but hey ho, life took over as usual!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Today is...

baking day! Charley needs to make some cakes to take to pre school tomorrow so out come the cupcake cases, smarties and pink icing I feel! We decided that trying to get these made thursday evening ready for preschool friday morning was cutting it a bit fine so will create our masterpieces later today!.

My team over on UKS have been running the weekly challenge this week. Needless to say I never got round to making my layout, which I do feel bad about, so last night I created a masterpiece - well not really, threw something together very quickly! and now can I find the card reader so that i can download it - NO I CANT!!!!

So making cakes, looking for the card reader and cat food shopping are on the list of exciting things that I must venture on and do today.

STOP PRESS................I forgot - how Ive no idea!- but we have booked our summer holiday - hooray!!!!!!!!!!! We are off to Disneyland Florida for 2 week, I cant wait!!!!!! Saving every spare penny now for hitting the scrap shops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Happy birthday

Today is Charleys 4th birthday, can't believe how the time has flown! We celebrated with lunch at the Chinese - charleys choice! and a trip to the ball pit with her friend, they had great fun! Granny and Grandad came for a birthday tea and the disney princess cake that she chose was yummy!!!!

Its also my 5th annversary as a member of the docrafts forum, so hi and thanks to all my buddies over there who may be reading this!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Back to work/school/preschool

Have woken today to a thin covering of snow, yay! Well it would be if we werent all going back to hard grind of everyday life! Still new year, new job, should be interesting if nothing else!


I should have posted this yesterday but never got round to it!

My resolutions for this year are:

1 To loose 2 stone in wieght as soon as possible!

2 To stop buying stash, a monthly budget is set and thats all I can have.

3 To spend more quality time with my family.

4 To complete my album of me this year - I started it last year and got hardly anywhere with it.

5 To enjoy life and stop complaining about it.

6 To apply to do my GTP - no idea whether Ill get on the course but Id love to be a teacher!

This year has been a bit of a roller coaster with redundancy, new jobs, finishing my degree and marital problems that I need to slow down and focus a bit more.

Some of the highlights of 2008 for me were:

  • Hubby finally realising that im a person and need to go out without him on my own - yay I finally got to go cropping and have met some lovely scrappers!
  • My new job, I work with some fab people in a place I love!
  • Charlotte stopped biting!!!!
  • We have had some wicked family days out
  • I got my degree
  • I shook Trevor McDonalds hand!!!!!!!
  • Ive done loads of scrapping - but not enough!

So theres some of the high points in my life over 2008, there are loads more and they are probably all on here as I blog most things, and Im sure there are others too that I missed out on blogging, but all in all 2008 wasnt so bad, lets hope 2009 is even better!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Wishing you...

a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!