Tuesday, 20 January 2009

52 Q&A

This a fab project to get your teeth into! Jackie ( who always manages to find the most amazing blogs) over on docrafts gave us a link to Em's blog here , she launched 3 weeks ago, a fabulous 52 Q&A project. Each week, she offers one question and the idea is to create tags, or a journalling book, with the question on one side, and the answer on the other. This is a great project, hone up your journalling skills (and I certainly need help with that!), and two, to learn a lot about yourself. Why not take a look and have a go, its a nice easy project that is fun to do!

Last night I was daft though, instead of getting my cropadile out I thought Ill use a hole punch, OH NO! BIG MISTAKE!!!! What had I put on the back of the card Id just loveingly made, but ribbon! I managed to get the card jammed in it, stuck fast and had to get steve to sort it out it was soooooo jammed, so the moral of this story is...dont try and cut corners, it ends up wrecking your project and wasting more time!!!!!

Will upload question 2 later.

Todays question is up now...

Do you believe in faries?

We have a lot of fairy talk in our house...and lately the fairies have been visiting ivy's room late at night - she has a special collection of 'sap crystals' (little crystals collected from the trees!) that the fairies move around and form special shapes with...a heart, her name etc. sometimes they sprinkle fairy dust on their creations too. it's very magical!

Hope your week is full of magic and creating...i'm working on getting some links on my blog with all the Q's and the flickr group easy to find.

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Clairewill said...

This project is really interesting, loving your book so far! x