Friday, 27 February 2009

Ever seen a lemonade fountain....

Well I have all over my kitchen floor...

Charlotte ''Mummy where is my drink''
Mummy ''You didnt ask for one, Ill be there in a sec''

about 20 sec's later....

Charlotte '' Mummy there isnt any lemonade left''
Mummy - knowing there was a flaming full bottle ''Where has it gone then?''
Charlotte - now crying ''Its empty''
Mummy - flying down the stairs at a million miles an hour into a flooded kitchen where a whole 2l bottle is all over the floor! ''What have you done'' Ok maybe not in such nice terms, but dont want ot scare peeps with my bad language!

So having used about 12 tea towels and washed it twice, my feet are still sticking to the floor and i am still cursing as it was the last bottle of lemonade in the house, I have come up stairs to craft or I shall be swearing even more than I was 1/2 an hour ago!

Did just get bought the yummiest ever chinese - well apart from the pineapple chicken - Yuck, Yuck, Yuck sweet chicken-not my thing, but the pork chop suey and chicken satays did the trick, off to eat the hugestest slice of lemon cheesecake as the DIET starts tomorrow for real, I cant go to America looking like such a chubby bunny!!!lol!

Will be dreaming of swimming through my flood of lemonade for weeks now!

The weekend has landed!

and Im off to the craft shop tomorrow, to pick up the latest creativity mag and creativity life! I have also asked them to put aside a few other bits too like the scalloped card stock which will fall into my basket and the loverley wuvverley rabbit stamps that docrafts are now doing, they is sooooooooooooooooo cutsie! and reasonably priced! Am tempted with some of Clare Curds girly stamps too so will take a looksey! Im not even going for me, am going with Emsie, she wants to pick up some bits to make her table names with for her wedding, so its just more her fault than mine!

What a whirlwind

Well the last few days have flown byIve done no crafting as I have been busy with getting my GTP application finished, so fingers crossed I get an interview!

Steve finally has seen the doctor and has an inner ear infection so is fairly poorly and spaced out at the moment from the horse tranquilizers he is on from the docs (only joking, but they are making spacey!) which is good for me as it means no rows!

AM frantically trying to get some work stuff sorted out at the moment, and keep finding new ways to do things there, if only I could decide which way I liked best!!! I have been given 2 days of non contact time to get on and do my development/learning journey stuff, which is really useful so next week Im on non contact monday morning and all day tuesday - its creativity week next week, shame it wasnt thursday I was out oall day I would have missed the morris dancing!!!! Think Ill offer to be the photographer for that one, Im NOT prancing round with bells on my knees!!!!!lol!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cards for Kirsty!

Here are some of the cards that I have made to send over to Kirsty and Mark to give to the tropps out in afghanistan, not many yet, but there are more on the way! My camera has decided to throw a hissy fit this evening so Ill retake the pics in the morning, why do they always do that when you need them! - yes the pics are truly awful!!!!

This one is using trusty ole PM papers, K&Co smitten chipboard and some of my lush felt thickers which I am loving at the moment!
Number 2 is two scoops basic grey papers, and the ribbons and flowers from my stash, buttons are pink PM ones! Oh and colorbox chalk inks round the edge - am loving those lots at the mo!Next up is Pink petticoat image, pm papers again and pm silf flowers and brads, the ribbon is AC and the sentiment is studio G cheapo 99p stamps!More PM papers, sentiment from K&Co poppies paper and blossoms from Sarahs Cards LTD

The last one is my fav, with my sultry basic grey paper which I love and am nearly at the end of! Autumn Leaves circle sentiments stamps and Sarahs cards Blooms, the ribbon is anitas grosgrain!So there is this weekends efforts, will be making more but thought Id let you see what I have been up to this weekend alone!

Back to work 2morro after a lurverly half term, shame I enjoyed this week, but hey there is only 6 more weeks and there is 2 whole weeks off for easter, talk about count your life away!!! Have been frantically trying to catch up on work that I should have done in the hols, managed 4 development reports and 1/2 the planning, thank heavens for PPA time on tuesday!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Cheeky lil lady!

Yes she is better!

Make it, Farnborough 2009!

So today I made it to the Make It show, wasnt sure that I would, but I did and we spent hardly any time here, I was surprised how little it was after all the raves I had heard about last year. Some of my fave online stores were here inc sraft superstore and crafty devils as well as a few more that will be becoming my faves, incluing craftwork cards! Oh no! No more ribbons please, one of my weaknesses is my ribbons I have way too many and I hate cutting them up and making things with them! I only bought one lot today and that was redy for my friends wedding album that I am going to make her when she finally ties the knot in May 09, I never thought she was the marrying type, but then these days nothing astounds me!

So here is my tiny plie of stash that I spent over £25.oo, I was after one oof these mats for stamping for a while and it was a bargain price, the chipboard album is going to be drawn round and several more will be made ready for xmas as pressies I was after one for a template so that worked well. My treat to myself was some copic markers, and now I wish that I had bought more, but I have the basic colours ready for my penny black stamps and I have a few of the hedgehoggy ones!
I was lucky today as Ruth drove and I had the luxury of being driven, Ruth picked up a few bargains too! Would I go next year, maybe!

Friday, 20 February 2009


Last night I stood and did about 4 hours of ironing and its taken me almost that long to put it all away today, shhhhhhhhhh, dont tell Steve but I just shoved Charleys in the bottom of her wardrobe - well it will all be out again this week, whats the point on flinging it on hangers to take it straight back off in the next couple of days!

Tis my own silly fault for not doing the ironing last week, 2 weeks worth in one go is not good! My excuse - Charley was ill!!!!

ANyhow have spent a couple of hours making cards to send to Kirsty for the troops, still need to do a few more though, will post piccies later!!!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

So what do I do????

I bought a robo last year, was only second han but hardly used, and thought that it would be used beyond belief, truth of the matter is, I just dont have time to play with it, its seems such hard work playing around with it to get it to do what I want, so wht do I do, do I sell it and go without it, do I try and uks swap it for a cricut? They appeal to me a bit more now as you just shove the cartridge in and wahay! or do I persevere and try and get on with it, I havent even worked out how to weld the letters together. I need a machine of some sort as I got rid of all my sizzix dies (except my measley 3 aphas and my cuttlebug embossing folders which i never use as my crafting space is soooo tiny and they are stored in a box in the garage!) Id also love to get rid of my old red sizzix machine and get a cuttlebug, but its all money I don't have at the moment!

I am however looking forward to saturday, the boys are taking out Charley and Im off to the 'Make it' show in Farnborough. Ive a few pennies saved up so can treat myself a little bit! Anyone else going??????

Monday, 16 February 2009

I wish I could see...

but I have the most horrible eye infection! The doc's did tell me that I would suffer Charleys symptoms and yes I am, conjuntivitus here I come!!!! Blooming eck do they itch!

On the bright side - bright eyes - get it! Nah crummy joke, we have had a nice day. We went to Baskingstoke today and ended up guess where, oh, like you cant - the build a bear workshop! Where we always end up spending far too much money on bits of material rubbish that never get touched!

Today we bought this little bag of cuteness:

and then this:

which again is soooooooooooooooo cute and will look fabby on Shola bear (dont ask about the name, what kind of kids gives a bear that name!)
We also went to milestones in Baskingstoke and yes you guessed it I forgot my camera, they had a titanic exhibition so we got to see some of the relics they pulled up from the boat as well as the costumes that Leo and Kate wore! Twas good fun and I want to go back, if you havent been before, its well worth a lookie!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Been naughty again!

Well ok, not that naughty! We had a nice relaxing morning this morning, Charley didnt get up till 8am!!! The we all sat and watched telly together till nearly lunchtime! Steve loved the card and tag book and adored Charlottes valentines card too!

Went to visitmy sister in law to be and then the craft shop, where charley roped me into buying her a stamp - yes a horse stamp as she is horesy mad!!! I only picked a couple of bits up myself, some of the papermania journalling spots and a forever friends easter decoupage pack which I thought that Charlotte and I could do together. They are great as a cheat and as my hands are so bad lately I thought that it was the best option!

Now stuck in front of the telly watching Nina and the flaming Neurons! What joy! Im hoping that I get to the make it show next weekend but Im not holding my breath, mum isnt too keen on having Charley for the day, perhaps I should just take her with me!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Right well my romantic evening is an evening for one! in front of the telly with a box of malteasers! my kind of bliss, w dont bow down to comercialism in this house and will go for our romantic meal in a couple of weeks when we want to!!! Steve on the other hand is going otu for the evening with his 'single' mate! lol!!!! I dont mind, have been promised a takeaway so Im happy as it means no cooking and only little washing up!YAY!!!! Im all for an easy life!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hooray, Hooray, its a holi-holi-day!

Well starting 3.30pm! I just have to convince mum to keep hold of Charley for a bit so I face the dreaded Tesco's - no I wasnt brave enough togo out last night in the cold and freeze my huge bottom off!, then I have a whole week off work, no getting out of bed at stupid o'clock, no fussing over whether I have any work clothes ironed, one week of slobbing out in pj's till lunch and trackies till bed!!!

Oh and that means more time for crafting, crafting and stash shopping, although not sure the bank balance will agree with the final one, so maybe just using up some stash. Ive had a few bits this month despite saying that I would save for my holiday, have I??? Nope not a penny has gone in the account for spending money! Instead I have had 2 sets of autumn leaves stamps - circlular sentiments and talking circle mom ones, some lush mini autumn leaves stamps from scrappydos, who are closing down, boo hoo!, some ltiny alphas - adornit and making memories, which I used during cyber crop week and lots of other little bits and bobs along the way too!

My goal next month - no spending - yeah like that will happen, Iquite fancy Kirsty Wisemans CD. Talking of Kirsty, check out this oost on her website, perhaps you might like to help too! You have to scroll down a bit 2 years too close to 40 - long post, may induce sleep Im going to help!

So last night the ironing won, not much of the ironing though, only 2 baskets (shhhhh dont tell anyone but one was full of socks and towels that didnt heed ironing, but it made it look like Id done loads!) 2 down, 2 to go!!! Whahay what joy for the weekend!!! I really must get my GTP application done as well this weekend or Ive no chance of doing the course, not that I mind if I dont get on, Ill be dissappointed, but I do love my job at the moment and would be quite happy to stay doing what Im doing for a bit longer!!!!

Was good for a second time though cos I found the piccies to stick onto Steves tag album I made at the weekend, have gone for piccies of him with Charley, so she can give him a little gift, just need to make a little card with her for him and we are sorted!

My life is full of ...just need to's... at the moment if you notice, ironing, card make with Charley, GTP appication shop, will I ever have it all done!!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Getting better

Wel its almost friday and buy am I pleased! Charley is beginning to feel better although at times you can still tell she is ill!!! Have really got to get on with finishing that tag bok I made last weekend for Steve for valentines and find where I put that card, Im glad that I got organised though or I would be in a mad panic now trying to do everything! Dissappointed though that I didnt get that spain album done for him! Oh well theres always fathers day.

So valentines day at the weekend, what do we all have planned. we are doing absolutely nothing at all, cards but no pressies, and Im sticking to it this year so I hope that he does! Saturday night Im even letting him out with the boys!!! Im just looking forward to curling up in front of the tv and catching up on some the sick child/loss of sleep that I have suffered from this week!

Must get on an do some ironing, it always feel sooooo good when all the washing is done but then do you get that flat feeling where you realise that there is so much ironing you dont know what to do with it, I iron everything as well, the only things I dont iron are towels, socks and charleys school sweaters and fleecy pj's so you can imagine the pile!

So tonights goal is to iron one baskt of clothes at least (but this is only so I have some trousers for work tomorrow!!!) Thank heaven for the Bill which I always iron too, but then agian I also need to do some food shopping, descisions, decisions what do I do, shopping or ironing, questions on a postacard to:!

Gosh my life sounds so boring when I sit typing about shopping and ironing doesnt it, but its not, I have a fab daughter (well most of the time!) and a great job that I actually love, even though I moan about it all the time and a lovely house, what more could I want out of life!!!! MONEY!!!!!lol!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


She doesnt have a viral infection as I was lead to believe, but scarlet fever!!! I thought that had gone out with the ark!!!! I havent know a child have it in the 13 years Ive been a child carer! Still she has it and is now in a disguesting course of penicillin which you almost have to grapple her to the ground in order to force into her throat! I feel like such a meanie!!!

Still Im back to work tomorrow full time as she seems better, still isnt herself but is behaving a bit more like Charley, yes, that means naughty!!!

Made wicked little biscuits at work today with the kids, have a lovely mummy who comes in to cook with the kids, and she has left me all the ingredients so my morning kiddlywinks can have a play too! Will have to post a piccie in the next couple of days but they were cute ickle hearts with pink sugar on top! yes they tasted good!!!

Had a sort through of my stash, at the weekend and got rid of loads of papers that are just not my style, and will never get used and they filled a pizza box, so have given them to Ruth, Im sure that she will make some use of them.

Had a bit of a guilt trip too when I realised how many unfinished projects I have going at the moment;

Scrap your day, journal your xmas, charleys 3rd birthday album, our spain 2003 holiday,and a few other too! Really must get on and do some sometime, instead of cyber cropping at the weekend I should have got on with finishing my xmas album, but it doesnt feel right scrapping xmas in february.

I did make another one of those sunflower cards and a post it note holder for one of the teachers at school, which I hope she liked!!!

Anyhow, holby is on and I cant miss that, can I!!!

Monday, 9 February 2009

My Poorly Baby!

Have one poorly girly here with me as I type today, if fact in 4 years Ive never taken time off of work for her, and today I did, just the morning and I have to take tomorrow morning off too, bt she is worth it! She is covered in blotches and has a high temp and just wants to sleep, chill and cuddle whilst watching any crummy kids show possible! I hope she gets better soon!

So I havent managed to do anything today including the washing!!! And there was plenty from last night when she was an ickle bit sickle all over my spare room floor!!!!! Have just got first load in tumble dryer and should pop on anther load really but I just want to cuddle her!

I did manage another layout and mini book yesterday in the cyber crop but there was a lot of classes that didnt appeal to me and the beading one was one I had to say no too because of my hands which are beginning to play up again, flaming carpel tunnel, I should really get them looked at again but I dont want surgery! Oh well,will continue to suffer in silence!

Right going to sort out the washing, running out of all clothes and even towels now!!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

More class layouts!

On a bit of a roll at the moment, and up to 190 points - ok thats not that many in the grand scheme of things but hey ho!

So here is the second class i have done (actually the first on the cyber crop but I had to hand make that frame and wanted daylight for it!) Ive had these pics for so long and been tryingt o think of a way to scrap them so this worked well. Ive used papers from a qvc hot pick which had 2 albums and a load of papers, they havent been touched yet so figured I should be using them and they work well together!

The second is called black and blue, Ive used blues and greens mainly for this layout again from the same kit from qvc which is great cos thay all coordinate so well together. Americam crafts felt thickers and adornit tiny alphas have been used for the title 'Oh you looked so pretty!'

Right off to check out some more classes and try for some more points!

Cropping away!

The cyber crop is in full swing over on UKS and I have a peaceful and tidy house for the next few hours, so no prizes for gueesing what I will be doing! Here is the first class I have completed, think I will give it to steve for valenetines!I have used bazzill cardstock, scenic route loveland papers and some K&Co paper, cant remember the name of it and the ribbons are all from my stash, some K&Co chipbard smitten chipstickers also got onto it somehow!!! Just needs a few finishing touches and hey presto it will be done!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Free draw...

for these yummy pastel brads and eyelets. just leave me a comment on my blog between now and 8pm saturday and dd will pick a winner out of a hat at 8pm! Good Luck!!!

I made this today...

Tis an ickle valentines card for steve, made using Papermania Scruptious, which really is scrummy! AC felt thickers (have a bit of a thing for felt at the mo!), chocolate brown grosgrain ribbons and K&Co Smitten chipboard sticker! I love it, oh and I added some PM sticky gems too just for luck! I hope he likes it, and don't worry he doesnt read my blog!

Papermania Snag 'ems, I love em!

Yay, school is closed again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a couple of cards last night, mainly cos a 3rd day of Charley, that wasnt planned did my head in, I do love her but...cbeebies for a 3rd day on the trot isnt funny in my book.

The first card I made was with my new PM snag em stamps. I love this ickle tree stamp and the little swirl that goes with it is also divine. So I stamped the little swirls with black stazon ink, onto a pearescent card and then filled in the gaps with just one of the heads of the flowers stamped inbetween. I stamped a tree, with more black stazon, and added some clear gem stickers, the really tiny ones, that I never know what to do, but they are just perfect on this little tree, shame you cant see them too well. I added a 'PM' wire 'thanks' word, which has been kicking around in my stash for so long, and I never know what to do with it! To finih a length of very yummy velvet ribbon wiht more adhesive gems! I love this card and am going to make a load more and send them to peeps to thank them for xmas pressies, which I still havent done because Im bad!!!

My second card is one for MIL who goes into hospital today and has a major knee op tomorrow, good luck Joanie! This is K&Co Berry Sweet papers which I absolutley love (esp the unicorn one which I didnt use on here as I only have one sheet left anf want it for a page for Charley!), my yummy cats eyes chalk ink in maroon, am totally loving these stackable little pots of fun, and some blooms from my stash. The sentiment is one of the 99p studio G stamp sets, which are wickedly cheap and cheerful! Topped off with a fabric covered brad, which again is yummy - well anything with texture is isnt it??????

This is the view from my bedroom window thismorning, lovely coloured skies, and yes you might even be able to make out some flakes of snow, cos its still snowing!

Well charley is tucked up in our bed watching, yes you guessed it, cbeebies, so thats why Im here blogging again. Am going to brave the ice later and pop to the tesco express and pick up another bottle as the one from last night has mysteriously all gone now, who drank it? I guess we shall never know!

Have decided though that if work is still shut tomorrow Charley is going into preschool, but knowing my luck it will reopen tomorrow so I wont get any peace, please keep your fingers crossed for me that it snows more and more and more and I cant go in!!!!!

PS... thick flakes are falling as I type, I may be very lucky!!!!!! Please dont stop falling!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can just about see them here! Do note my drive is snow free at the moment... explained below...

And the snow on the fence here (this is the lady opposite us) yes that would be the snow that DH cleared (or should I say flicked) off of our drive across the road, looks like someon had a mass snowball fight with the fence in my opinion!

Monday, 2 February 2009

I needed it...

Am knackered tonight, just needed one or two glasses in order to relax, and well its 6.30pm and there is about 1/2 a glass left in the bottle, but do I feel better for it, yes! Just need another bottle now!

Webberley boots!

Check out my new pink webberley boots!!! I hvae not owned a pair of these since my Llandrindod Wells school trip, which believe me was years ago! Anyhow last weekend I succumbed and bought a cracking pink pair, not cheap, but after today well worth the money! If I never wear them again (which Im sure that I will) they will have served their purpose and been money well spent! After trogging all the way to the chemist in the blizzzard to get Charley her eye drops, they were closed so I trogged all the way back home to find the telephone directory and find one that was open! Went to drop Charley off at my mums and she said they she and ,y dad would trog out and get them, was well pleased as the other chemist is about 30 mins walk - well my speed it is, only took them 40 min there and back and I stayed nice and warm in their house with Charley watching telly and me falling asleap on the sofa!

Well the snow keeps falling!

How I love working in a school, the minute there is a bit of snow they always close, Im pleased for another reason today though, I was going to have to take the day off to look after Charley as she isn't very well, full of cold and red raw eyes, conjunctivitus! Have booked her an appointment at the docs, so will brave the blizzard later and get her some drops! At the moment we are tucked up on the sofa with our snuggly blankets and ready for some dedicated mummy and baby time! Not that she is a baby anymore, where have the last four years gone!

Last night i was blog hopping, as I do frequently and came across a blast from the past. I found Est's blog and was midly intrigued by her location and kids names, when i trawling back through her previous posts it turns out i went to school with her years and years ago, so I promptly emailed her to say hi and she has now responded! Its so nice to see what people are up too these days, and how well she is doingfor herself.

Just pondering over how long I will be able to stand listening to cbeebies today, I give it till about 11am. Harry and Toto is blasting at the moment! Might have to suggest a film in abit, I cant stand this channel!!!

Might get the crafting stuff out at lunchtime, its much easier now that I have moved all of it into the spare room, I must start a mini bok for steve for valentines day, fortunatly being 6x6 it wont take too long!!! I really want to order some new stash but am resisiting the temptation as I need to save for our florida trip, I have every intention of picking myself up some yummy stuff out there. Told Steve tht we are visiting the scrapping shops on the first day of the hols the i dont care what we do as long as I have scrap stuff Im sorted!!!!!!! He and Paul can go out every evening for all I care but I will be crafting!!!!