Monday, 16 February 2009

I wish I could see...

but I have the most horrible eye infection! The doc's did tell me that I would suffer Charleys symptoms and yes I am, conjuntivitus here I come!!!! Blooming eck do they itch!

On the bright side - bright eyes - get it! Nah crummy joke, we have had a nice day. We went to Baskingstoke today and ended up guess where, oh, like you cant - the build a bear workshop! Where we always end up spending far too much money on bits of material rubbish that never get touched!

Today we bought this little bag of cuteness:

and then this:

which again is soooooooooooooooo cute and will look fabby on Shola bear (dont ask about the name, what kind of kids gives a bear that name!)
We also went to milestones in Baskingstoke and yes you guessed it I forgot my camera, they had a titanic exhibition so we got to see some of the relics they pulled up from the boat as well as the costumes that Leo and Kate wore! Twas good fun and I want to go back, if you havent been before, its well worth a lookie!

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