Sunday, 23 December 2007

Feeling Yuck!

Am feeling really rough today, started last night with a tummy bug and has continued on into today. Didnt do very much scrapping today, but did get all the garlands up, Charley's bike built and the washing basket emptied - alls to to with that is the ironing now!!!!

We went to the local tescos this morning, and wished we hadnt, when we eventually found a space we had to battle through about a million people just to get a loaf of bread!!! The shops are only closed for one day, why do we go soooooo mad????

Ive onle page left in my mum's book to do and I almost know what I am going to do for it, just got to get around to it!!!

Well am signing off for today as Im still feeling rough so will hopefully blog tomorrow when Im feeling better!

Friday, 21 December 2007

3 Days and counting!!!

Last night I had a fab scrapping session, Charley was in bed by 7pm and Steve was out with his work mates. I managed to get six pages completed of my mums scrapbook and another complete to the title which I am just hand cutting now.

I was up early this morning and have completed one more page also of Charlotte's Naming Day, its using Anna Griffin papers, which I absolutely love, Steve was wearing a turquoise green shirt and I have used the same colour backing papers which looks really good.

We are off out with my brother, his girlfriend and her mum for lunch today, so that should be nice, Ive not really met her mum much so will be nice to see her, she is also a crafter, but mainly card making so we have something in common.

Ive packed all Charlotte's calenders into envelopes and have just the family Xmas pressies to wrap so am going to try and get them all done today. I'm also going to try and get the ironing and washing sorted out so that there are no more bits before Xmas to do after Sunday. We shall see.

My hall carpet is covered in glitter and no matter how hard I hoover it wont disappear, Charlotte had a great time making glitter pictures though so I cant complain.

Right off to finish that page I started last night, only six more to go!!!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Four more crafting days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only four more days to go till my mum's book needs finishing, OMG!!!! Ive still got 15 pages to go, were do I start, perhaps I shouldnt be on here!!!

Went for a very nice lunch with the girly's from work, at the local chinese as our christmas meal. Really enjoyed it actually and off out for lunch again tomorrow with my brothers girlfriend. This has to be the most Ive been out in a week for a long time, who cares Im enjoying myself!!!

Did my xmas food shopping yesterday and picked up the last remaining bits today, Im not planning on visiting the shops again till almost new year if I can help it!

Sent the last of the xmas cards first class and my last internet ordered pressies have been delivered so now apart from my scrapping I feel ready. Its our first xmas day at home on our own, we usually spend it with my parents but felt this year it would be nicer for us to be at home therefore boxing day will be spent with my mum, Im not sure how much I want to be doing all the cooking on xmas day but Ill give it a go, roast turkey and beef, stuffing and sausage and bacon rolls, sprouts (not for me though!) carrots, roasties and peas (again not for me, dont do green veg!) Followed by christmas pud with custard and cream and mince pies, coffee after dinner mints and then probably more chocolate mints and mince pies. Christmas day really is a day for feeling huge and fat, but I love it.

Well Im off to scrap and get some more of this book done or Ill be in trouble xmas day!!!

Christmas is nearly here!!!!!!

Well only another six days and the big day is here, all these preparations will be finished and by this time the lounge floor will be a hash of ribbons, bows, tags and paper wth a few discarded bits of broken toys I am sure.

The past few weeks have been a real blur, we've done school christmas fetes, been to London to visit Santa at Harrods (I'll add my scrapping page later!) shopped till we have dropped and now its scrapbook city time. Ive done Mother in Laws album and she has had that and lived it (we had an early xmas at the beginning of december which is her final visit for this year) when she opened it and was delighted. Later in the day, all the family arrived and she was nervously watching as it was passed from person to person to look at saying 'I think we should put it away, we wouldnt want to ruin it!' Bless her, at least it made her smile and she couldnt wait to get home and show it off.

My Nan's mini pocket book is made, I used the good old Brenda Pinnick pocket page album and was really pleased with the results. So now its time for my parents album which is proving a little harder than I thought that it would! Ive only done 4 out of 20 pages and I am pleased with the results so far, but quickly counting that there are only 4 more making days to xmas Im a bit worried that I have taken on more than I can chew!!! However I will get it done, by hook or by crook!

So thats pretty much whats been going on in the last few weeks. Off to scrap some more pages. Ive added lots to my docrafts gallery over the past few days including xmas card - I havent sent one shop bought card this year, Im sooooo proud of myself and even have a few left ready for next year!!!

Monday, 5 November 2007

Been Busy again with my Brenda Pinnick kit and Charley has been bisy being creative also!!! I am really trying hard to get my dissertation finished in time for the 21st November along with my drama and momvement assignment, but my new Brenda Pinnick kit arrived this week and I just cant resist having a play, Ive also got my DCWV Once Upon a Time kit which is also very irrisitable and I have already had a play with that as the pages are so easy and tell a tale within themselves! As you can see from the Happily ever after page and the Views over Mijas. I am really enjoying this kit as it has soooooo many uses.
Besides that we have had halloween and Charley dressed up as a witch, our piccies from that arent very good but Im going to try and scrap a few over the next few days so will post the results. Its Fireworks this evening so no doubt Ill have a few pics from tonight to scrap soon too.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

What do I love?

1. My daughter and my husband - being a family is soooooo important to me and now we are a family its great, don't get me wrong we were still a family when there were two of us, but three makes us complete!

2. All My family, without my family things wouldnt be the same there wouldnt be anyone to share all the little joys with, like the box of cereal Charley tipped on the floor, or the tears we shared at Nans funeral, or the family christmases spent fighting at the dinner table and arguing because we wanted our presents before dinner.

3. My crafting, I couldnt live without it, its so all consuming and individual.

4. Spring, I love the new life that begins, daffodils poking through the ground, bright mornings, easter egg hunts - just a beautiful time of year.

5. My car, Id be lost without it!

They are some of my favourite things that all go together to make life the magical time that it is!

(Projects from the Brenda Pinnick Kit, the first 2 are from a pocket page album which is really cute and the third is a 12x12 layout.)

I spent yesterday finishing my household chores, well ther are a few still not *quite* finished but I NEED to do something creative or I will go mad. I am going to create some Penny Black cards and ATCs today with my new stamps which is going to be so fun...I will try to take some photos but my I can't find my battery charger for my camera, those pesky little camera fairies must have borrowed it, either that or Ive just put it somewhere very safe (too safe even for me!)

After a very busy problematic week at work I finally got a day off and Charley and I have a very cheap trip into Woking to the shops. When I say cheap thats because I didnt buy anything however I needed to get a bank loan to pay for the car parking - £1.80 for two hours, what do they line these car parks with gold dust!!!

Got a new kit through the other day, Once upon a Time kit from QVC item number 585611 and its soooooo lovely! Ive done a page (cant photograph it of course!) and am really pleased with it, caught my 2 1/2 year old sat in my spare room stroking the pages of it going oooooo and ahhhhhhh she loved it!!!

My big treat this week was ordering the Brenda Pinnick 2 christmas Albums which has a fabulous amount of Paper,Cards, Die-cuts,Chipboard Stickers & Embellishments Item Number: 585966 I got the crafters delight one which is the everyday kit about 2 months ago when it came back into stock from a tsv, it is a fabulous kit and Ive popped up some projects that I already have pictures for so am just waiting for this to arrive and Ill be the happiest bunny alive.

This kit has caused absolute mayhem on the docrafts website, so if you get a chance take a look at it fantastic for inspiration or just a chat with fellow crafters!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Well what a week we have had, Ive been up to my eyeballs in my disseration but am beginning to make good headway with it and thats all good, due in on 21st November along with another uni assigment which will be tough!

Ive joined the world of atc's these past few weeks and am having so much fun swapping with people, because of the strike I now have 22 to post out to people, so many, will try and post a few up on here later so you can see what Im up too. I now have 28 that Ive swapped with others.

The weekend was spent at the shops and doing exciting things like housework and washing!!!! I must be mad though because at 6am this morning, where was I, in the garage doing the ironing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charley has now settled well into preschool and this morning ran in before i could even say goodbye, thank goodness! We do make sure that every time she goes in she takes something to do with the theme which does seem to make it much easier. This morning our woolly clown (which she wouldnt carry because she doesnt like it!!) went with us plus some tigers and elephants - yes its the circus this week! In return I got a huge pile of paintings and stickings, what will I do with them all!

Friday, 21 September 2007

A week on...

and Charley is still taking her time to settle into pre-school, she was screaming at the door when i left this morning!!! Things can only get better. She was ok when i picked her up 3 hours later though, obviously just screaming for effect for me.

Been ill all week so crafting has taken a back seat, not inspired by anything at all, got challenges set for me by some fellow crafters but just no inspiration to complete them, bit like my dissertation, cant be bothered!!! Not the attitude I feel.

On a good note though I did my first atc swaps this week and they have all arrived, they are fab tiny works of art and all so different. Lovely!!!!!!!
Oh and the photo, thats Charleys bee - potato bee of course!!!!

Friday, 14 September 2007

Time flies when your having fun!

Can't believe that its been so long since I blogged, not doing very well at this am I . Well Im back at work. Charley has started preschool, first day went well, today not so well, rung up at 10.45 to hear her sobbing in the background, by the time I got there she had sobbed herself to sleep!

Managed to get one page done for our scrapbook today so here it is have entered it in the do-crafts scrapbooking competition, sure I wont win but worth the try!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Back to work today!

Hey ho the hols are over, boo hoo. Up at the crack of dawn was I this morning rushing around trying to get everybody including myself ready to go!

No crafting for me today but have upload a scrap page that I did over the weekend, Im quite pleased with it but not sure as its not really the sort of colourschemes I would usually use, but have a look anyway. It was the only picture that we had taken on our honeymoon in Brussels 3 years ago and certainly isnt the best picture ever, but had to scrap it anyway!

Friday, 31 August 2007

Holidays are nearly over!

Well we are almost at the end of the school hols, so that means back to work monday and back to the boring humdrum that is our routine, up at 6.30, drop charley off at mums for 7.30, work for 7.45, back at 9.15. Housework, toddlers and shopping till 2pm then off to work again! What joy I hate my split days.

We've been busy though since I last blogged. We've been to legoland, had the mother in law to stay, been to Trilake park and fed the animals (not that you can feed many with the foot and mouth crisis!) been to Bournemouth and Portsmouth and visited great grandma! So lots on, done quite a bit of scrapping too.

Charlie has made some of her christmas cards and doesnt want to stop doing card making especailly for daddy, she is daddy mad at the minute.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

New pages

Can't believe how long since I blogged, Ive been working on a do-crafts challenge page, It had to have red in it, glitter, a tag and brad, have a look and see what you think, Im quite happy with it.

We spent this morning at Fizzy Kids having a whale of a time on the ball pool and going up and down the slide. I am now totally frazzled and so is poor old Uncle Steve who also got dragged along.

Anyway just a quick blog for tonight will write more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Home holding the Charley!

Well my mum and brothers are up in London at my dad's retirement do. Ive been left holding the charley so I can't go! Sometimes wouldnt it be nice to not have kids! lol only joking!

Spent yesterday evening making some christmas cards, thought that I had best get started now as there is only4 months to go till the big day! Managed to make 11,so 11 down another 30 odd to go!
No rest for the wicked!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

The weekend is here

Well here we are again, the weekend is here. My brother came over for a meal last night which went really well, even though Charley decided that she wasnt going to sleep till after ten.

Been crafting a lot at the moment, Ive completed a few scrapbooking pages which I am really pleased with and even got my light box out yesterday and did some embossing, Im not fantastic at it but its been so long since Ive done any that I have time to get better!

We had fun yesterday splashing about in the paddling pool and just generally playing about in the garden.

I will upload my scrapbooking pictures later and you can see what I have been up too!

Monday, 6 August 2007


Well today Charley surpassed herself with Daddy, I popped to the post office just to post a letter that should have gone off weeks ago! OOpps! when I got back all hell had broken loose and she was sobbing on the sofa! 'I lost you mummy!' were her words! After a several hugs and a few smarties (bribary works) she calmed down! But would not let me leave her side!

Spent the rest of the morning re-arranging her bedroom and tidying the house, how exciting! Can't wait till Steve is back at work on Friday and I can do some serious crafting, will add a few pics of my recent scrapbook pages then! Looking forward to just having some ME time!

Made a couple of bitty babes to go into a scrapbook page of Charley, for when I eventually get round to it, she was helping Grandma with her gardening, when I say helping I mean that in the loosest sense of the word!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Basingstoke Balloon Festival

Friday we went off to the Balloons over Basingstoke fesitival and as ever it was great! Charlie excelled herself this evening. She took Grandads hand and said 'Come' as she was walking off with him towards the slides and trampolines, she said 'You go pennies Grandad!' I had to laugh as with everyone else that was there!

We stayed for the night glow, take a look at some of the pics they are great!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Friday 27th July

Well we have survived the first week of the Summer Holidays!

This week has been great because:

  • Charlie has started potty training and is doing brilliantly!
  • *Steve has his op date, so hopefully that will make a huge difference!
  • *I have made loads of cards
  • * Ive ordered copies of all my holiday snaps so can start my holiday scrapbook soon

So all in all a good week, despite the rain.

So what have we done:

Painted rainbows
Painted our body!
Painted our clothes
Tidied up (me!)
Watched some TV
Played Fifi and the Flower Tots
Done some dressing up
Jumped on the trampoline (inbetween the rain showers!)
Played the piano
Tidied up (me!)
Made cakes
Iced them
Tidied up (oh me again!)
Had fun!