Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas is nearly here!!!!!!

Well only another six days and the big day is here, all these preparations will be finished and by this time the lounge floor will be a hash of ribbons, bows, tags and paper wth a few discarded bits of broken toys I am sure.

The past few weeks have been a real blur, we've done school christmas fetes, been to London to visit Santa at Harrods (I'll add my scrapping page later!) shopped till we have dropped and now its scrapbook city time. Ive done Mother in Laws album and she has had that and lived it (we had an early xmas at the beginning of december which is her final visit for this year) when she opened it and was delighted. Later in the day, all the family arrived and she was nervously watching as it was passed from person to person to look at saying 'I think we should put it away, we wouldnt want to ruin it!' Bless her, at least it made her smile and she couldnt wait to get home and show it off.

My Nan's mini pocket book is made, I used the good old Brenda Pinnick pocket page album and was really pleased with the results. So now its time for my parents album which is proving a little harder than I thought that it would! Ive only done 4 out of 20 pages and I am pleased with the results so far, but quickly counting that there are only 4 more making days to xmas Im a bit worried that I have taken on more than I can chew!!! However I will get it done, by hook or by crook!

So thats pretty much whats been going on in the last few weeks. Off to scrap some more pages. Ive added lots to my docrafts gallery over the past few days including xmas card - I havent sent one shop bought card this year, Im sooooo proud of myself and even have a few left ready for next year!!!

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