Sunday, 5 September 2010

Gone again!!!!!!!!!!!

Remeber whe I said that I had no laptop as it had died and gone to laptop heaven, well medion revived it 3 times and Ive had it back since the end of july, guess what happened yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It died again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am therefore waiting for a rep from Medion to ring me, fat chance that will happen I am sure, so I am mightily annoyed at the moment!!!!  Anyway thought I woud let you all know that posts wil lbe few and far between again!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Jackie your stamp will be back in the post this week, sorry I ended up keeping it a lot longer than I anticipated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But and soooooo grateful that you let me borrow it!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wedding postbox and guestbook!

So here it is, I do hope she likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a guest book to match!

Oh what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had an emergency this morning (as I was making my mates wedding postbox) Lottie calls me mummy, mummy come quickly! So off I rush, mummy I just swallowed a sylvanian families orange! Then we had pandemonium when she realised what she had done and kept saying her throat hurt, so being the dutiful mother (who was more than prepared to just leave it and wait for it to come out!) and then rang NHS direct because I was worried that it may be stuck.

After being told to get her to calm down ( my daughter calm down she is neurotic!!!! Like her dad) and if she still had a pain in her throat to go to A&E. Well after 1/2 hour of trying to calm her down she still wasnt, but by that point I had turned the lounge upside down in haste hoping it may be somewhere I put my hand into her hoodie pocket and there low and behold was the flippin sylvanian orange!!!!!!!
So crisis averted, well sort of! Then my brother arrived to take her out this afternoon (we all know 5 year olds and shops do not mix, dont we????) well he took her shopping and said you can choose a toy (now we all know that kids that are told this think that they can have any toy be it £1 or £21) and thats what she was doing asking for every toy under the sun that was £15 or more, therefore the temper tantrums started and both my brother and his fiance got several temper tantrum whacks and kicks!!!! They promptly bought her home and we then had a barney as she was down right rude to me!!!!
So all in all as days go this one was pretty terrible, all remaining sylvanian mini things have been removed from the lounge and she knows that she must not touch them unless there is a grown up there, and the reason for this little crisis - she wanted to see how far she could spit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the upside I did go to tk maxx and get some yummy adhesive badges and mini days of the week stamps, and I got the chance to make a loads of cupcakes and finish my mates wedding stuff, so am off to chill out this evening with a glass of wine and a cupcake or too, I guess it wasnt so bad after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Will post pics of the wedding PB later!
Thanks for stopping by!