Sunday, 29 March 2009

Catching up

Well i have managed to complete another 3 tags tonight for my 52 questions project. Being ill has made me completely lose my mojo and tonight i finally decided that I would try and get it back. So 3 tags later and a bar of dairy milk that i stole from the fridge (it was Steves, always tastes better when you dont have to buy it yourself!) and Iv done some crafting. Well to say I havent done much of late is a bit wrong, I have been making cards quite a bit over the past few weeks and so has my little chickadee, the latest being for my grandad.

Too late to post any pictures so I will do that tomorrow when its day light! Steve is finally going back to work tomorrow after 6 very long weeks so Im hoping that life will become lighter, now I know that I will get a little bit of time on y own each day.

Have just watched all of last weeks eastenders, how sad is that, I dont get to watch it in the week as Im usually putting charley to bed, so I love sundays when I can catch up!

Right bed is calling as I have an earl start in the morning.

Mothers day books

So here is the book I made for my mummy! Bear in mind I made three of these in one week flat, they arent the most embellished and could be much better but I was quite happy with them in the end! The front cover, a fab pic of me and my mum, there are very few of this type of pic as I hate having mine taken but this was on Charleys naming ceremony day, many moons ago now!
Look at us three in our loverly wuverley school uniforms, Marlborough rocked!

One of mum and charley christmas 2007, which always makes me giggle when I see it as she just looks like she is bossing my mum around with her hands on her hips, and then a pic of mum, dad and me on my graduation last year.
My grandparents with charley when she was little, I love the pic of grandad with charley, I always call it '2 gummy eggheads!) bless them!
A family pic of all three of us on Charleys Naming Day and me an my kangaroo at the open air concert we went too where the weather was just awful!
Steve and I at our engagement party and then the proud Grandmas first hold - well I guess the first hold that I saw seeing as I was out of it for hours when I had Charley!
Steven and his fiancee and Robert and his wife at their Las Vegas wedding, no I didnt go, but heyho they are happy! Notice the yellow roses, bit of a tradition in our family is yellow for weddings, and no I didnt nick your idea of yellow bro!
A few blasts from the pasts, goodness me I still remember that jumper and skirt all these years on, I used to think it was soooo grown up, now it just looks totally untrendy! A rareity in the next pic, big bro smiling!!!!!!!
The first pic is us three now all grown up, we were at Mings having a final farewell as I was off to uni, little did my parents know that I would never get to halls and end up moving in with Steve, then leave the course after 3 months! Real good at sticking at things am i! Still I got to uni in the end, graduated and am now the proud owner of a BA! The second pic is really special for me, is taken me a while to scrap a pic of my nanny. She died a couple of weeks before charley was born and I will never forget the day it happened, 38 weeks pregnant I had been baby shopping all day and I ignored the phonecall from my mum cos I was too tired out, I never got to say goodbye to nanna and regret that. I always answer the phone now, whatever! Its a lovely pic, just wish I was in it too, but I think my dad appreciated it.
The pages are all out of sync here but these were one of the first few in the book, and i cant be bothered to try and move them about, sorry! but here we are in our trendy 70's gear, god my mum looked strange! Bless her!!! The ginger hair Steve really stands out!!! Bless you Bro!

This was the final page, my mum and my nan as they are now, mum love it and I do too!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Getting there

Am having a lovely week, full of compliments which are chasing away my anxiety and making me grin from ear to ear. Its parent consultations this week and next, and everyone that I have spoken with so far has been lovely and very complimentary regarding the changes I have made to the nursery, believe me they are BIG changes from what it was!!! So Im a happy ole bunny.

Just waiting for payday and then gonna treat myself. Im debating on whether to go back to a scrapping kit again, I did love the scrapagogo ones, but I do still have quite a bit of them left from before, one that IM keeping for myflorida trip as the colours are perfect, but Ive been looking every month and I just think how much I would love them!!! But then I consider well would I rather choose my stash for the month as buying a kit is my complete scrapbook spends for the month, could I cope with not buying a single other thing! I just dont know!

Monday, 23 March 2009

My fourth

Mothers Day that is, well yesterday anyhow! Was spoilt with shopping trip for some new shoes, which had to be an absolute bargain at only £4.00 and some new slippers, ok some wouldnt call it spoilt, ut I do! I badly needed some new slippers and shoes and I dont mind what they cost, Id rather have them than a bunch of flowers that i wont see as Im working full time!

I had a great day, with a treat of lunch out and then mum came for tea too, which was really nice, dont see that much of her now, even though she only lives a few doors down. Seem to see less than when we lived miles apart!

Ohhhhhh Pretty Woman is on, I lurveeeeeeeeee that film, cant remember how many times I have seen this film but I never tire of it!

Well tis time for me to say goodnight as the tv is far more important than blogging! Tomorrow sees the start of parent consultations, an yes I still have prep to do, but hey ho there are more important things in life than work!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mothers Day .....Finished

Well all my projects that I was trying to get done for mothers day are complete and Steves mums pressie is winging its way to her via royal mail, will take pics later as I havent had much time this week to. So I have made 3 cards and 3 mini albums to go in those cute little suitcases I got for a bargain the other week. They dont look bad if I do say so myself! Not up to my usual standards but not bad nonetheless.

Its been a funny ole week for me this week, I was put on some meds last week and by last weekend I was iller than I would ever have imagined, so I made the descision to come off of them and just see what happens. I have had issues all week but Im hoping that they will all just fade away over the next week as I need to start feeling myself again!

Its parents evening this week and of course because Im not teaching staff I officially dont have to do them, but parents want them, so all week long I have had to try and fit them into my schedule which means I have to stay late every night this week in order to get as many of them done as possible! I dont mind doing them, I just wish that they would pay me a bit more!

I have lost my DS, well when I say lost I dont really mean lost, I mean a certain someone has stolen it and wont give it back. Blinking Bear Factory game!

Last night I was spoilt, we had a Dominoes Pizza, my all time favourite with their really yummy garlic bread, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I did enjoy it, then fell asleep about 8.30pm as I was felling awful!

Plans for today....none, well ironing must come into it somewhere, but with Steve off sick at the moment I havent really been motivated to do house work in the evenings, hence the ironing really suffering at the moment. I must do some more prep for parents evening and then I would like to do some scrapping I got the cosmo cricket set from QVC a couple of weeks ago, only opened it and looked properley a couple of days ago, there are some sticker sheets missing but cant be bothered with sending it all back so Ill just go without! I fancy doing the photo cube so may get that out and do that. Ive lost my cropodile, cant find it anywhere at the moment so if you do find it for me let me know. Fortunatly I do have a bigbite so Im not totally lost! its just a bit cumbersome at times.

Im sending some ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))) to Ems this weekend, cheer up hun, its not the end of the world, and you get to stay working with me for a bit longer! Is that a bonus, may be, maybe not! LOL!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ive been waiting weeks for this...

ok, well maybe not, as today I am off to see this little guy and his friends...

Doesnt it look deadly exciting! Well thats the price you pay for being a mummy! Stil it has got to be better than when we saw the Mr Men and Little Misses, pleassssssssssssssse let it be better!

Will report back later as to how edge of the chair, thrillingly exciting this was! I bet you are all soooooooooo jealous of me today!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Thats me at the moment, if Im not house working or being mummy/wifey Im working for work. Im only paid as nursery Nurse but doing the work of a teacher, not that I mind, Im just forgetting what it is like to be myself! I seriously need some me time!!!! Not just to relax in but also to create, i still have so many projects started and not finished, woe is me!

But on the bright side of life...I am going to spend my evening in my craft space, I have mothers day stuff that has to be done soon and a 50th anniversary card to make for the week after mothers day!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Am back on line...

ona a brand new spankly pink laptop which DH and his best mate just bought me!!! I am soooooo chuffed, Ive always been given Steves cast offs when I need computers etc, but this ickle pink baby is mine all mine and I know he wont be nicking it!!!!

Will post pics later, I feela scrapping opportunity coming up, but it is sooooooooooo nice to be back online.

Update on the phone, well now its dry and steve has doctored another one to steal the speaker out of it so that too is back and working, I just wish that it was pink too, then I would be really happy!!!!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Ok, so bad luck comes in 3's whats next?????

I have just shut the lid of my laptop onto the lid of my usb stick, so now I have half a screen as there is a hugest most biggest crack in it, so if my spelling is really bad its cos I can only see part of the screen!!!!!!!

Yesterday was my mobile and today my laptop, whats next, or should I just not touch anything ever again!!!!

Off to cry over a glass of wine and by god do I need it now!

Ever washed your mobile???

Well I did and now it no longer works!!!!! Whoops was picking it up off the kitchen work counter and it flew out of my hand into the washing up water, was in there seconds and now its full of water and wont turn on!!! So i have to use this aged old one that doesnt have a colour screen let alone take a picture, and woe is me all my pics are gone too!!!!!

How stupid am I??????

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Just look at these little cuties!

I bought three of these little bargains today a complete steal at 50p each, Im going to make a mini book to go in each and give to the nothers/grandmothers on mothers day, well thats the plan if I have enough time! I oculdnt believe my eyes when I saw these in QS today, they had others but they were more expensive and me being cheapskate of the year decided bargains were to be had here, they are a reaosnable size anyhow,certainly dont need to be any bigger.

I also ordered a pink petticoat download today this one in fact with 16 cutsie little birdie imagines with sentiments so am off for a quick play and colour in of them!

Can't wait to get going on these!