Sunday, 29 March 2009

Mothers day books

So here is the book I made for my mummy! Bear in mind I made three of these in one week flat, they arent the most embellished and could be much better but I was quite happy with them in the end! The front cover, a fab pic of me and my mum, there are very few of this type of pic as I hate having mine taken but this was on Charleys naming ceremony day, many moons ago now!
Look at us three in our loverly wuverley school uniforms, Marlborough rocked!

One of mum and charley christmas 2007, which always makes me giggle when I see it as she just looks like she is bossing my mum around with her hands on her hips, and then a pic of mum, dad and me on my graduation last year.
My grandparents with charley when she was little, I love the pic of grandad with charley, I always call it '2 gummy eggheads!) bless them!
A family pic of all three of us on Charleys Naming Day and me an my kangaroo at the open air concert we went too where the weather was just awful!
Steve and I at our engagement party and then the proud Grandmas first hold - well I guess the first hold that I saw seeing as I was out of it for hours when I had Charley!
Steven and his fiancee and Robert and his wife at their Las Vegas wedding, no I didnt go, but heyho they are happy! Notice the yellow roses, bit of a tradition in our family is yellow for weddings, and no I didnt nick your idea of yellow bro!
A few blasts from the pasts, goodness me I still remember that jumper and skirt all these years on, I used to think it was soooo grown up, now it just looks totally untrendy! A rareity in the next pic, big bro smiling!!!!!!!
The first pic is us three now all grown up, we were at Mings having a final farewell as I was off to uni, little did my parents know that I would never get to halls and end up moving in with Steve, then leave the course after 3 months! Real good at sticking at things am i! Still I got to uni in the end, graduated and am now the proud owner of a BA! The second pic is really special for me, is taken me a while to scrap a pic of my nanny. She died a couple of weeks before charley was born and I will never forget the day it happened, 38 weeks pregnant I had been baby shopping all day and I ignored the phonecall from my mum cos I was too tired out, I never got to say goodbye to nanna and regret that. I always answer the phone now, whatever! Its a lovely pic, just wish I was in it too, but I think my dad appreciated it.
The pages are all out of sync here but these were one of the first few in the book, and i cant be bothered to try and move them about, sorry! but here we are in our trendy 70's gear, god my mum looked strange! Bless her!!! The ginger hair Steve really stands out!!! Bless you Bro!

This was the final page, my mum and my nan as they are now, mum love it and I do too!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely books joanne, bet they loved them, all three of them, well done...

maria x