Saturday, 30 January 2010

Claires Weekly Challenge - Docrafts

I decided that this week I would have a go at Claires challenge, thought that Id get ahead and think of some for Easter!

Here is my card, made using the Papermania Hugs and Honey paper collection.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Another goody bag card!

So here is another casuple collection card and again I used my scrummy new stamps! This is my fav out of the 3 I've made from the goody bag so far! Hope you like it!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Papermania, capsule collection goody bag!

So I was having a go with that fab new goody bag from docrafts and my new stamps and came up with these few cards - there is one more that I need to add so will get around to that later! Hope you like them!

Using my yummy new hero arts heart flourish stamp, colorbox chalk inks, bazzill cardstock, anitas card blanks, and everything else from the goody bag!

This were made using my new inkadinkadoo cat stamps, they are so lovely! The yellow cardstock is bazzill, colorbox chalk inkpads and the rest is all from the goody bag!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Stash Haul update!!!!!

Ok, so I have stopped scrapping for a while, just because I get so little time to scrap and cardmaking has sort of come to the forefront as I can generally make a card in 15/20 mins and thats about all the spare time I ever! So what I should also have added to the stash haul last night was:

Brenda Pinnick scrap keeper album
Brenda Pinnick card keeper
QVC's multi technique kit - bit I got mine from readicut for £19.99 - bargain - QVC want about £35.00 for it!
A pack of 50 square cards
Black PM adhesive stone
Subscription to crafts beautiful magazine - which if you do subscribe to you will recieve a PM hugs and honey kit, which is worthwhile even if you only decide to subscribe to for the 3 months direct debit - £8.45!

So I admit, Im a stash-o-holic and that stash ban I put on my spending at the beginning of the month has made my spending worse, so I now have no stash ban and hopefully will stop buying cos I dont feel that I need to! Lol! SO here are some of the cards that I have made with the qvc kit aready, just some simple decoupage but effective nonetheless.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

New stash, yum, yum, yum!

Hellooooooooooooo out there, its been a whole week, and the week has been tough but fun! I started my 60% teaching placement, which Im loving!!!! Can't wait to get back to work on monday, if it wasnt for all the paperwor and planning that went with it I would have my idea of a dream job!

So this week to cheer myself up Ive been bashing the credit card, and now am wondering whether that was the right thing to do, Im sure the ladies over on DoCrafts will agree it was!

So my stash haul for this week includes:

Inkadinado stamps - the cutest cats and some loverly birdie werdie stamps!
Mr Men and Little Miss Paper and Embellies - yes I know these came out last year, but Im desperate for some man stuff, and Mr Men are right up my street!
Bam pop hello bot and bonjour bot stamps
Kaisercraft seals stamps - fabby stamps that are just perfect on the back of a mini album or in a scrapbook!
A very expensive set of hero arts card message stamps - which were more than I would normally dream of paying for stamps!!!
Some disney mickey mouse clear stamps - my ebay bargain!
Hero Arts wooden heart flourish stamp that I saw in crafts beautiful magazine and fell in love with!
2 glitter pot exclusive forever friends stamps
Stamps Away owl stamp
Cuttlebug scallop nesting squares dies

So here is just some of my new haul!

and then today I went and got even more....
I bought the Docrafts goody bag, which has the papermania capsule selection in it, now for me this was strange, I do not like yellow one bit, and sooooooo rarely craft with it, but I was intriuged, so bought it, have to say some of the papers, not my style, but I have sat and made several cards with it already and Im loving it!

So what do you get then?????
A pack of A4 yellow capsule paper
2 packs of the cutest, dinkiest buttons one in plain colours and the other in spots (I want more of these gorg little things, yes Suebubbles your button crush has worn off onto me!)
a pack of ribbon bows that co-ordinate with~
A pack of 4 ribbon spools each with 1m of delish ribbons on
A little flower box filled with flowers, brads of differing sizes, gems and other bits and bobs
Pack of flowers,
Square gem stones - love these!
An exclusive daisy and dandelion stamp - little rabbit holding flowers, perfect for easter cards
A scrapbook 12x12 wallet to hold page kits

I think thats about it, sorry if I have missed anything out!

Will be back later with some pics of the gorg cards I have made using my new cat and flourish stamp and capsule collection!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

3 more days...

till my baby hits the big '5' years old! How old do I feel now then! Tonight we went party bag shopping, so Im feeling a bit more relaxed, I was getting panicky that I had nothing ready, but now I at least have fillers for birthday bags, we have paper plates and pink napkins too!

Lottie has a horse in a stable cake, from tesco, she is sooooooooooo horse mad its unbelieveable, but we have bought a very pink sparkly fairy cake from M&S for her to have at the nursing home with my her great nan on sunday after the party, we thought that it would be a treat for Great Granny to share a slice of cake with her!

Hopefully we will get to see great grandad too if there is a chance and take him a piece, however he isnt doing too well, we really need him out of there, but to be honest, even if he does come out, we arent sure whether he will go home, he has given up, isnt interested in life at all which is such a shame as he was always such a proud man, shirt and tie man, and now he is a slip of his old self.

Work is tiring, Im shattered at the moment and all I have done is lovingly opened and stroked my card keeper and my scrap keeper albums, Im really pleased with them ,but just havent the time to play. Monday sees the start of my 60% placement and although I know Im going to enjoy it, the thought of all those detailed lesson plans fills me with dread! Ive completed 2 out of 10! Need to make sure that i get the topic planned for monday, thats the most important! So friday night will be spent writing lesson plans and more lesson plans! Am going to try and make sure that I do not do any owkr on sunday though, as thats Lotties special day!

Anyhows Im off for the night, prob be asleep in about 20 mins Im that exhausted, being back at work and the emotional strain is knocking me for six, still they do say, what doesnt kill you will make you stronger, so I guess thats what is happening here!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Glad to be back...

at work! Well why wouldnt I, I have the best job ever, Im a trainee teacher, getting paid to train, in a fab school, with some fab kids!

Yesterday was a bad day for me, and too for my local hospital, they received the wrath of me and my folks. I got very upset when I went to see gramps yesterday, slumped in his chair,with no falsies, no glasses and no hearing aid in. He couldnt even talk to me without his teeth in. They had been left on his tray and looked disgusting! The fact that he is incontinent (he wasnt before he went in there!) was my biggest issue though. I couldnt believe how undignified he was sitting there in something he shouldnt have been sitting in. If its no good for a baby, then its certainly no good for a 90 year old man!

Degrading and humiliating I call it. Anyway I had stroppy words with the staff and walked off crying in dispare at their treatment of him. Needless to say my mum rang and complained, and lo and behold when my other half went back in the evening, he was clean and fresh. I felt so bad for him. My gramps is a proud man, a shirt and tie man, even at 90 and he was sitting there in horrid peach hospital issue pj's that werent even done up properly. Disgraceful. Doesn't surprise me really after the awful treatment I recieved when i had Lottie, but not a comfort either.

Mum has spoken to nan's social worker who confirmed that the ward he is on, she isnt surprised that my grandad is in that condition, we have asked for him to be moved to another hospital when he goes into rehab.

That aside, I got my new photo printer software uploaded this morning so Im hoping that I can have a play in a bit and print me off some pics to scrap - no snowy ones for me though, I havent taken any, I hate the cold!!!!!

My brenda Pinnick scrap keeper album and card keeper albums came yesterday so have been busily unpacking them and hiding them so hubby doesnt see!!!!!!! Shhhhhhh dont tell him!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Isn't this so cute....

Its the new hugs and honey range from docrafts, isnt it gorg! What a perfect way to start out usinng it on a new baby card, congrats to Katie and Chris and their new arrival Holly!
Ive used the 8x8 paper stack, and the owl stamps for the sentiment. Flowers, ribbons and button from stash.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Sorting out

Finally I have gotten round to organising my crafting space, been a while since I said I was going to do it and I was hoping that Steve would sort me some shelves out for xmas, bt alas no avail! So I went to argos and bought some pine shelves and here they are, laiden with all my goodies!

So I bought 2 sets, one to sit on top of the desk and the other sits at the side!

So on the desk I have my clear stamps and pads in the totes on the top shelves and my adhesives in the other. On the next shelf are my card blanks for card making and flower box as well as my odd bits and bobs that I dont really know what to do with! The next shelf down has my tins of primas I got in the states, love them! My tubs of buttons and all of my cats eye queue ink pads, which I have totally fallen in love with recently! The bottom shelf baskets house my basket of beloved pro markers, 6x6 pads and basket of tools!

My second set of shelves is my punching/die cutting shelves, it has all of my nesting punches on the top shelf, next down my cricut carts, the next shelf my manual die cutters and on the bottom shelf my cricut!

Finally, my paper store and bits and bobs rack still sit on top of my dolls house, I never use this doll house, but I cant get rid of it for some reason, I guess having lovingly built it and decorated it I see it as my first home! Probably the least tidiest part of the room now! Am awaiting some more cropper hopper paper stores though to put the rest of my scrapagogo kits into!

Good job you cant see the rest of the room cos there is still loads more stuff under the bed and all around the room, but it does look tidier now!

Another snow day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or for me, a sitting around in the warm day. Steve is back today, but Lottie is not, so no peace and quite there then!

Not much to tell really, have been looking at wedding invites for a colleague at work, she now has a few ideas which is good so I can get cracking on producing some samples for her so Im scouring the net now for bits and peices that I might be able to use!

Anyway off to make some breckie and hopefully today Ill get my photo printer set up too!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow day!!!!

Well for the kids it was, for me it was uni work, now where is the fairness in that!!!!!!!!! Anyhow we are meant to be doing a group presentation thingy, which is very hard over the internet, but we are slowly putting stuff together.

So yesterday the snow did a fall, well it started tuesday evening while we were out visiting grandad, who by the way looks a lot worse than when he went into hospital - our NHS does our proud doesnt it! Well you have to feel sorry for him, he is in a bay on his own, and there is no tv or anything about for him to do, no wonder he is looking fed up and with still no sign of coming out Im surprised he hasnt gone stir crazy in there!

Last night I did a bit of crafting, I found some freebie papers from scrapbook magazine - must have been last easters edition - and made some cards, used some papermania elements sticker and lots of glitter and flock - which made bucket loads of mess, but hey ho! Felt a bit more human by doing that, I need to add some sentiments to them and inserts then I can pop them in my card box which is looking very empty!

Right off to find my new photo printer (my xmas pressie) and try and set it up, only had it nearly 2 weeks, but never mind!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

The new year always sees double celebrations, as its my mum's birthday, this year she was 60! Despite gramps still being in hosptial and they still dont really know whats happening with him we did have mum's 60th birthday. We all dressed up (yes even me!) in some fabby 60's gear - pics to follow and had a pretty good night!

I was the one that wrecked it by saying, 'they spelt your name wrong on your cake mum are you gonna complain' to which I was told to shut up and it didnt matter! Im just someone that likes it all fine and dandy, thats all.

Anyhow not much more to tell except that its back to work tomorrow, so Im busy getting sorting that out, am hoping to take down the tree tonight, but not sure that it is going to happen, I did do the xmas card recycling today though!