Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow day!!!!

Well for the kids it was, for me it was uni work, now where is the fairness in that!!!!!!!!! Anyhow we are meant to be doing a group presentation thingy, which is very hard over the internet, but we are slowly putting stuff together.

So yesterday the snow did a fall, well it started tuesday evening while we were out visiting grandad, who by the way looks a lot worse than when he went into hospital - our NHS does our proud doesnt it! Well you have to feel sorry for him, he is in a bay on his own, and there is no tv or anything about for him to do, no wonder he is looking fed up and with still no sign of coming out Im surprised he hasnt gone stir crazy in there!

Last night I did a bit of crafting, I found some freebie papers from scrapbook magazine - must have been last easters edition - and made some cards, used some papermania elements sticker and lots of glitter and flock - which made bucket loads of mess, but hey ho! Felt a bit more human by doing that, I need to add some sentiments to them and inserts then I can pop them in my card box which is looking very empty!

Right off to find my new photo printer (my xmas pressie) and try and set it up, only had it nearly 2 weeks, but never mind!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

sparkles for your grandad and nan jo...

I bet lottie is loving this snow and you're getting some fab pictures to scrap...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Sparkles for your granddad Joanne.
Know what you mean about the NHS -my Dad looked appalling when he came out of hospital.
Sue xx