Monday, 11 January 2010

Glad to be back...

at work! Well why wouldnt I, I have the best job ever, Im a trainee teacher, getting paid to train, in a fab school, with some fab kids!

Yesterday was a bad day for me, and too for my local hospital, they received the wrath of me and my folks. I got very upset when I went to see gramps yesterday, slumped in his chair,with no falsies, no glasses and no hearing aid in. He couldnt even talk to me without his teeth in. They had been left on his tray and looked disgusting! The fact that he is incontinent (he wasnt before he went in there!) was my biggest issue though. I couldnt believe how undignified he was sitting there in something he shouldnt have been sitting in. If its no good for a baby, then its certainly no good for a 90 year old man!

Degrading and humiliating I call it. Anyway I had stroppy words with the staff and walked off crying in dispare at their treatment of him. Needless to say my mum rang and complained, and lo and behold when my other half went back in the evening, he was clean and fresh. I felt so bad for him. My gramps is a proud man, a shirt and tie man, even at 90 and he was sitting there in horrid peach hospital issue pj's that werent even done up properly. Disgraceful. Doesn't surprise me really after the awful treatment I recieved when i had Lottie, but not a comfort either.

Mum has spoken to nan's social worker who confirmed that the ward he is on, she isnt surprised that my grandad is in that condition, we have asked for him to be moved to another hospital when he goes into rehab.

That aside, I got my new photo printer software uploaded this morning so Im hoping that I can have a play in a bit and print me off some pics to scrap - no snowy ones for me though, I havent taken any, I hate the cold!!!!!

My brenda Pinnick scrap keeper album and card keeper albums came yesterday so have been busily unpacking them and hiding them so hubby doesnt see!!!!!!! Shhhhhhh dont tell him!

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