Friday, 25 February 2011

So whats new then?

My goodness me, 2 posts in one month, I must be mad!!!!  Anyhow the painting in the bedroom still goes on, yes I know I wanted to be done by wednesday, but life never goes to plan, tomorrow I WILL be putting her room back together, complete with pink fairy curtain!!!!!!!!!!  Daddy will love it! or maybe NOT.

So today i visited Make-It at Farnborough, as I do most years, this year was more disappointing that last, but hey ho!  Saying that I did buy some bits and bobs, including, loads of glue roller refills - at 99p each would have been a crime not to, about 8 million rolls of DST - ok a lie, a bout 8, some fab templates for making yummy borders with for scrapping, I had seen someone at my crop on monday using these and tried everywhere online that I could think of to get some but to no avail, today I walk in and spotted them on the every crafts a £ stall, bargain!!  I snapped them up quickly!!!!

I also purchased a kit to make these roses:

 and these lovely flowers:

So I keep promising to show you stuff Ive been working on, so here are a few pages:

hope you like them!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Now where is it???

I am certain that my mojo hath left the building, and has been gone so long I really dont know what I am now looking for!  My camera has dissappeared to the far side of the earth never to be seen again too!

I have had loads of non scrapping projects on the go, but till I find that blinking camera I cannot post piccies of my latest hobby!

I am in progress of redecorating Lotties room at the moment, today was day 1, we gutted under the bed, and in the wardrobe too, I have filled my black wheelie bin and a bit more besides!  so tomorrow is the other side of the bedroom and hopefully a little bit of decorating too!   We are going for the same boring white colour that is throughout the house, DH does not do colour! The reason for the re decoration, well since my little Lottie turned 6 last month, she is no longer young enough for a cot bed!  As lovely as out Mamas and Papas one is, she needs a proper sized bed, so my half term holiday will now be spent decorating and re-organising the tiny room to cram all her stuff back into!  Good luck to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!