Monday, 28 December 2009

When can I go back to work?????

Christmas this year hasnt been much fun, Gramps was rushed into hopsital xmas day, making xmas dinner and presents fade into insignificance and feel like it never even happened.

Now we ae spending time babysitting nan and none of the family are ever together at the same time. My dad has practically moved in, only coming home if there is someone to stay with my nan when he isnt, and its ripping us all apart. After a completely messed up xmas day (I know, its no ones fault) all I want is a bit of time with my folks, but no, nope, not a chance at the moment.

this weekend hasnt felt like xmas at all, I might as well have bypassed it completely and not spent any money on presents cos none of it was worth it. Lottie keeps asking me when christmas actually is, and I keep replying 'we have had it'. Somewhere along the line.

So Im hoping all of you that read my blog had a better xmas than I did and are enjoying your breaks from work, all I want is to go back to work and forget about the huge mess that wasn't xmas in our family! Selfish arent I?

Friday, 25 December 2009

It's here...

and I am the only one up! Its lovely and peaceful, sitting here with the tree lights on and the darkness. Thats the thing I love the most about Christmas, the tree lights in the dark, they give a warm glow, that is so relaxing.

Im wishing everyone out there a fabulous xmas day, filled with laughter and Christmas spirit.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Santa Claus is coming, Santa Claus is coming, he's not very far away...

and Billy and Barbara the elves are hiding out in Lotties tinsel in her bedroom (well thats the game that we are playing anyway!) They are watching for good Lotties and Bad Lotties to see whether its pressies or coal this year!

Have been and done a quick trip to sainsburys and at 7am this morning it was quite a respectable visit too, hardly anyone there so we could dawdle to our hearts content and just chill, still forgot the marie rose sauce for the prawn cocktails though!!!!! Bless mother she sorted it for me.

Right have a few more pressies to wrap and mince pies to make but Im almost on top of xmas, Steve is happily jetwashing all the snow and ice off the drive and is going to salt it too, just so we dont fall flat on our bums in the morning when we trek up to mums for dinner!

Right baking calls me, have done my cleaning and ironing and even put it away so the kitchen is saying 'make me mince pies. make mince pies!'

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Things can only get better....

and they sort of did, by lunchtime Lottie had stopped being sick and then grandad babysat so grandma and I could brave Tescos, and brave is the word!!!! I had to leave my mobile for my dad in case he needed us as our home phone doesnt allow you to make calls to mobiles, so I was phoneless and believe me that was not good! Try as we may we stayed together for the first 25 minutes, then I turned round and mum was gone, I felt like a little lost kid in the middle of Disney (yes it was that bad!!!!) Eventually about 20 minutes I could stop crying and found her!!!!

The queues were about 10 deep so I raced mum and changed lanes - Yay!!!! I won!!!! through the checkout 20 minutes before her and I got to sit down the other end after I had paid as there was a seat waiting for me!

So thats it, xmas food shop done, no more, not at all, no way, anything we dont have is tough, not that I think there is anything missing the fridge is full to bursting, the freezer is stuffed full and we have more than enough booze for 10 xmas's put together, so my tasks now, to put away the 4 baskets of ironing I have just done, hoover and wash all my floors and then wrap the last remaining presents, I am also going to make some mince pies as it wouldnt be xmas without home made ones, even if steve doesnt like them!

By the way he is at the docs with suspected tonsilitus...... wonder where he got that from..... La La La La La!!!!

Oh and the cat... i think she has round worms after lots of googling!!! Have bought some tablets and if still not sorted after xmas will take her to the vets!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Oh what a night..... (not a nice way to start the morning

no was not cheery and fun, like the song! Started with the snowfall, took Steve till 9pm to get home from work, Ill grant you he did go into the pub to eat cos he couldnt get anywhere, but that wasnt good seeing as he left at 4pm!

Then Lottie was complaining of a bad tummy all evening, at 8pm finally was sick, fortunatly in the bathroom sink, so I was chuffed, nothing really to clean. However at 1.40am I had a rude awakening and at that point had plenty to wash and clean, trust me! Bleary eyed I finally got back to sleep at about 4.30am.

So this morning when everyone was up, I went to put the bedding in the tumber. The lock jammed and I was locked in! So Steve trundles round the front of the house in a foul mood, swearing and cursing that I always let the door slam so no wonder its broken, opens the garage door, lets me out then shuts it with tools inside and everything. Not a problem most of you would think wouldnt you????? Well it is for us, as you can't actually open the garage door from the outside as the dimwits who lived her before us decided to paint over the handle and paint it shut so it can't be opened! So there we were stranded outside the garage with no tools or anything. Could my day get any worse - bear in mind its only about 6.45am at this point! Eventually he got it opend but now there is no handle or anything on the door, he went to work took the lock with him and now I cant go down the road and get a new on cos he has it.

Now if you feeling a bit squeamish dont read on.....

Then I walk into the kitchen and instead of using the litter tray the cat has used the floor, but not only that inside whatever she left on the floor were these very strange flat white ribbony things, which means now there is something woring with the cat too, anyone any ideas!!!!

So right now, my bed seems like a good option, only I cant because I have a sick year old. So I guess Ill just sit around waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Anyone want to swap with me for the rest of the day????? No takers, Im not surprised!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Turns out...

that the reason that I didnt make itto my crop, and felt awful on sunday is that I once again have tonsilitus, the only problem here is that I keep forgetting to take the penicillin, its the same horrible stuff as last time that tastes wickedly foul and gives me raging heartburn. However I only have 3 more days of it so why am I moaning!

Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo! School has finished, my 2nd 1/2 terms review is complete and emailed tomy tutor, the only job left to do is send my mentor report in, which was fine, satisfactory all the way, wasn't expecting anymore in the first term, and Like I said, next time it will be good and the final term will be outstanding!!!!!!

I am officially now 1/3rd of the course through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have survived and next term Im working with year 3, how cool!!!!! I can't wait!

My spare room is covered in mountains of presents to wrap, my JYC is severly behind and you know what, I don't care!!!!!!!! Im just enjoying chilling out, the chillin started at 2.30pm when I walked through the door!

Im planning on a chill out day tomorrow, as it snowed last night its too cold and icy to go anywhere so I intend to spend tomorrow wrapped up warm and snuggly indoors until 5pm when we are going out for a meal to celebrate the fact it is xmas!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway Im off to bed, yes I know its only 9pm but I love being in my bed all cosy and warm and snuggled!

Monday, 14 December 2009

I don't like mondays....

well except for today, I have the day off as study leave (hmmmmm, now I wonder how much study I will actually do!) I am going to meet my mum for lunch and visit the shops for a little light xmas shopping and may get round to some studying if Im lucky about 2pm an hour before I collect Lottie from school!

Had a busy day yesterday, was supposed to be at a crop but felt rough so decided to stay home instead and I managed to get 3 mini books done, all acryllic albums, sparsly decorated at the moment but I know that I will end up adding lots, lots more throughout the day today!

I also did a quick 6x6 album of our disney holiday for Lotties godfather who came with us, just need to put a few more disney embellies on that and its done!

Got my bargains yesterday in sainsburys, 2 new pinifore for Lottie for school with 25% off so they cost me less than £6 and will fit well into next year cos they are the next size up! Ive been trying to get new pinnis since a week into sept and nowhere has had any, so im now a happy mummy!!!!!

Best go check what she is up to have left her writing xmas cards!!!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Lovin it!

My pogo, its so cool!!!!
Its so cute and fits right inside my handbag so I can print and go! Everyone should have one! I got it weeks ago and have finally gotten around to charging it up and putting it to use, Ive taken pics of charlotte and printed them out to go inside a keyring for peeps for pressies (not telling which peeps though!)You tube them and you'll see how easy they are to use!
Im beginning to feel slightly more human today although I am in quite a bit of pain still. Ive spent the day baking, prob not the best use of my time but I have enjoyed it, Im off to get my camera in a bit and show you all the cakies we made for the xmas fayre, the little snowmen ones are sooooooo lovely!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Ok so an update, One thing that I didnt say this morning when I wrote my post was how ill I felt today. I struggled in knowing that my assessment was due and that I had prepared for it so needed to do it!

Well it turns out (after I stuggled through the assessments - where I forgot which child I was talking to each time I spoke to them and whose turn it was to read!!!!) that I have tonsillitus, so am now cram packed full of horrible anitbiotics, tucked into the spare room bed with my laptop playing iplayer episodes of eastenders that I havent seen for weeks, and guess what, I have 2 more whole days where I can sit like this and chill out, may even take friday if I fancy it too!!!! YAY!!! well not yay Im ill, but yay I can be lazy, perfect time to find my mojo I feel!

Anyhow I have been told (despite being completely off the planet with tonsilitus) that I have the potential to be a grade 1 outstanding teacher, and to pull my socks up, stop worrying that Im not good enough and get on with it! So I can now believe what Im good at and get even more stuck into it than I was, but I am lovin what IM doing and Im happy in my job for the first time in a long time!!!

If you see my mojo

Please can you send her home.She has gone away and I don't know where she is :(I miss my little crafting inner self and I am sitting here surrounded by lovely things and nothing ........ not a thing is being created!

Perhaps Im stressing over my assessment today, I have a very nasty sore throat and temperature which is giving me the shakes and the shivers, Steve almost walloped me to death last night because I was snoring soooooo badly, he always knows when Im ill cos I snore when my throat is poorly. Fortunatly I am only teaching a 20 minute lesson for my assessment - that was well timed, I dont think that I could have done much more esp. the way Im feeling! I just hope my children perform, its gonna be pants because Im ill,, why didnt my tutor come 2 weeks ago when she was first scheduled and then lesson would have been perfect!