Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Things can only get better....

and they sort of did, by lunchtime Lottie had stopped being sick and then grandad babysat so grandma and I could brave Tescos, and brave is the word!!!! I had to leave my mobile for my dad in case he needed us as our home phone doesnt allow you to make calls to mobiles, so I was phoneless and believe me that was not good! Try as we may we stayed together for the first 25 minutes, then I turned round and mum was gone, I felt like a little lost kid in the middle of Disney (yes it was that bad!!!!) Eventually about 20 minutes I could stop crying and found her!!!!

The queues were about 10 deep so I raced mum and changed lanes - Yay!!!! I won!!!! through the checkout 20 minutes before her and I got to sit down the other end after I had paid as there was a seat waiting for me!

So thats it, xmas food shop done, no more, not at all, no way, anything we dont have is tough, not that I think there is anything missing the fridge is full to bursting, the freezer is stuffed full and we have more than enough booze for 10 xmas's put together, so my tasks now, to put away the 4 baskets of ironing I have just done, hoover and wash all my floors and then wrap the last remaining presents, I am also going to make some mince pies as it wouldnt be xmas without home made ones, even if steve doesnt like them!

By the way he is at the docs with suspected tonsilitus...... wonder where he got that from..... La La La La La!!!!

Oh and the cat... i think she has round worms after lots of googling!!! Have bought some tablets and if still not sorted after xmas will take her to the vets!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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