Friday, 18 December 2009

Turns out...

that the reason that I didnt make itto my crop, and felt awful on sunday is that I once again have tonsilitus, the only problem here is that I keep forgetting to take the penicillin, its the same horrible stuff as last time that tastes wickedly foul and gives me raging heartburn. However I only have 3 more days of it so why am I moaning!

Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo! School has finished, my 2nd 1/2 terms review is complete and emailed tomy tutor, the only job left to do is send my mentor report in, which was fine, satisfactory all the way, wasn't expecting anymore in the first term, and Like I said, next time it will be good and the final term will be outstanding!!!!!!

I am officially now 1/3rd of the course through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have survived and next term Im working with year 3, how cool!!!!! I can't wait!

My spare room is covered in mountains of presents to wrap, my JYC is severly behind and you know what, I don't care!!!!!!!! Im just enjoying chilling out, the chillin started at 2.30pm when I walked through the door!

Im planning on a chill out day tomorrow, as it snowed last night its too cold and icy to go anywhere so I intend to spend tomorrow wrapped up warm and snuggly indoors until 5pm when we are going out for a meal to celebrate the fact it is xmas!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway Im off to bed, yes I know its only 9pm but I love being in my bed all cosy and warm and snuggled!

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SusieJ said...

Hope you're feeling better Joanne.
Enjoy your day of snuggling and your Christmas meal out.
Sue xx