Monday, 28 December 2009

When can I go back to work?????

Christmas this year hasnt been much fun, Gramps was rushed into hopsital xmas day, making xmas dinner and presents fade into insignificance and feel like it never even happened.

Now we ae spending time babysitting nan and none of the family are ever together at the same time. My dad has practically moved in, only coming home if there is someone to stay with my nan when he isnt, and its ripping us all apart. After a completely messed up xmas day (I know, its no ones fault) all I want is a bit of time with my folks, but no, nope, not a chance at the moment.

this weekend hasnt felt like xmas at all, I might as well have bypassed it completely and not spent any money on presents cos none of it was worth it. Lottie keeps asking me when christmas actually is, and I keep replying 'we have had it'. Somewhere along the line.

So Im hoping all of you that read my blog had a better xmas than I did and are enjoying your breaks from work, all I want is to go back to work and forget about the huge mess that wasn't xmas in our family! Selfish arent I?

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evie winter said...

That sounds like a bit too much excitement and not the right kind! Sorry it was so stressful, hope it all calms down and you can make up for the time lost. In comparison I had a fairly peaceful Christmas and I still am looking forward to things just getting back to normal so no, I don't think you are selfish at all.