Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Oh what a night..... (not a nice way to start the morning

no was not cheery and fun, like the song! Started with the snowfall, took Steve till 9pm to get home from work, Ill grant you he did go into the pub to eat cos he couldnt get anywhere, but that wasnt good seeing as he left at 4pm!

Then Lottie was complaining of a bad tummy all evening, at 8pm finally was sick, fortunatly in the bathroom sink, so I was chuffed, nothing really to clean. However at 1.40am I had a rude awakening and at that point had plenty to wash and clean, trust me! Bleary eyed I finally got back to sleep at about 4.30am.

So this morning when everyone was up, I went to put the bedding in the tumber. The lock jammed and I was locked in! So Steve trundles round the front of the house in a foul mood, swearing and cursing that I always let the door slam so no wonder its broken, opens the garage door, lets me out then shuts it with tools inside and everything. Not a problem most of you would think wouldnt you????? Well it is for us, as you can't actually open the garage door from the outside as the dimwits who lived her before us decided to paint over the handle and paint it shut so it can't be opened! So there we were stranded outside the garage with no tools or anything. Could my day get any worse - bear in mind its only about 6.45am at this point! Eventually he got it opend but now there is no handle or anything on the door, he went to work took the lock with him and now I cant go down the road and get a new on cos he has it.

Now if you feeling a bit squeamish dont read on.....

Then I walk into the kitchen and instead of using the litter tray the cat has used the floor, but not only that inside whatever she left on the floor were these very strange flat white ribbony things, which means now there is something woring with the cat too, anyone any ideas!!!!

So right now, my bed seems like a good option, only I cant because I have a sick year old. So I guess Ill just sit around waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Anyone want to swap with me for the rest of the day????? No takers, Im not surprised!

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SusieJ said...

Hope your day improved Joanne.
Sending Christmassy sparkles. to you all.
Sue xx