Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Loveliness

Just the thought of not being at work is super fab at the moment, I love my job dearly, but I love the holidays best! This weekend was no exception! Today we went of to West Wittering and spent some lovely time in the sunshine (yes I am lobster red, even thought I had suncream on!)

We had a lovely little picnic when we arrived before going anywhere near the beach, seeing as sand and food really do not mix! Charley decided to make herself a little monster roll!

Then later in the afternoon we moved onto Hayling Island where we had the most yummiest fish and chips I have ever had, even Charlottes plate was clean at the end of it!

We arrived at the beach and managed to set up in a spot about 3 meters away from Charlottes friend from preschooll how spooky! So they were both sorted for friends for the afternoon!

Anyhow after several hours play and lots of sunshine to boot, we moved down the coast and had a fabby time at the little funfair, by the way if you ever go on the flume ride there, do it last and dont sit at the back, I survived the whole ride getting just mildly wet till we were sat waiting to get off and other boat banged into the back of us and then I didnt just get soaked, I was mega soaked!!!!!!!!!!
My little monkey on the dragon roller coaster! She insisted on going on this ride on her own! Bless her!
So what does today hold in store for us? Well for me lots of cun cream, long sleeved t-shirts and a donkey derby! Yes our local village in Sandhurst still holds this every year, so to follow tradition thats where we are heading today! Donkey pics to follow!

Friday, 22 May 2009


Well no Im not really having one but I am getting a baby cricut! I have decided to trade in old robbie robo for a cuttlebug, Robbie and I havent got on very well since I bought him and so Im looking to ditch him for a more idiot friendly machine, Im also not crafting in the same place as I used to so the fact its all logged up to the study pc doesnt help me in the spare room! Ive got one from the market place in UKS and Im more than happy the lady is even parting with her George cartridge! much to her dislike! So if anyone wants a robo let me know im going to pop him on the marketplace over the weekend, comes complete with disks and handbooks and in the original box, no reciept though, havent a clue where that went! Offers welcome!

Anyhow am off to a wedding tomorrow which reminds me I really must go make that card! Have a good evening folks!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

revamped glasses!

Will basically just my old frames with new lenses, I spent hours trailing round shops yesterday to find new glasses and have decided to stick with what I have and just relense them. Ive been having probs with my eyes all last week, mainly due to my cold I feel and when I had them tested it was one eye that was worse. Anyhow as my head isnt very wide I usually have to have teens glasses and normally this isnt an issues, specsavers does me proud every time, not this year though!!!!!!!! They are all them horrible rectangular lenses I hate so gave up and retreated back to asda (the cheapest for reglazing!) and ordered them.

What a hassle!

Havent done any crafting, Ive started reading up ready for my GTP and bought myself a few files this weekend, apart from that theres nothing exciting going on in our household, so will leave blogging for today and come back when there is something more exciting go on!

Friday, 15 May 2009

WOW! I did it...

I got on the GTP course at Reading Uni, my dream has always been to teach and now its going to be reality, Ive been an unqualified teacher for the past 2 terms, so its exciting to think that in a years time I will be qualified.

Its also very scary as Im leaving the comfort and safety of the job I love to take on a huge amount of work, but it will be worth it in the long run! Maybe I could have picked a better year to start it in rather than next academic year as there is sooo much going on, mums 60th, m&d's ruby wedding, gramps 90th birthday, but heyho I cant pick and choose when to start can I

Of course the biggest milestone in my baby's life is happening next academic year too - she starts school in september! I have a meeting at the school to find out the nitty gritty details of start dates/times on monday and of course , how much the uniform is going to cost me!!!!!! Everything these days has to have the flippin school logo on it which inflats the price by about £5 so when you need to buy 4/5 of everything as you dont want to wash every day it all adds up!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New promarker blog!

A new challenge blog has been launched - Passion for ProMarkers. I will be watching this new blog with interest for inspiration as I have finally discovered promarkers a few weeks ago! They are offering some ProMarker blog candy to celebrate their launch! How fab!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cosmo Cricket Photo Cube

I made this photocube ages ago and never posted it, so here it is, its made using only the elements of the Cosmo cricket tsv. This little cube usually takes pride of place on the coffee table in the lounge! Its covered ith pics of our time in brussells in 2007, we so love Brussells!

Gina's Christmas fortnight!

Over on DC Gina has set and xmas fortnight challenge where we create a present/card for xmas in order to beat the christmas rush, I have not made cards in the whole time the project has run and dont intend to start anytime soon, I have stuck to pressies including this little shopping list clipboard. The boards are from a QVC kit and the papers are basic grey Sultry, one of my girly favs! hope you like it, I have made this for my mum as she loves her little lists for shopping!

Here is the front:

Flip it over and here is the back!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Ok so I was wrong...

I did do some scrapping yesterday, but I havent photographed it yet, so cant show you as the light isnt good at the moment, I dug out the cosmo cricket tsv and made myself a little round book of our day at Frimley Lodge Park last month, its quite cute.

Ive promised Emily I will make her a little chicken cube for her desk at work as she is sooo sad they have gone, but I havent got my pics printed yet so will have to sort that one out for her, bless!!!!!!!

Been a crappy day, I managed to break the little knob for my electric mirrors this afternoon and its gonna cost £101 just for the part, stuff that, Im just gonna have to stick my hand out the window and make them move, Im not paying that for a silly little stick of plastic!

Was lovely and sunny today though and we ordered the dollars for our states holiday, how cool its just under 11 weeks away and then I will rubbing paws with the great Mickey himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I also intend to do some serious scrapbook shopping so am only taking out bare essential clothing so there is lots of room in the suitcase on the way home for all my treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right Im off work to do!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy Sundays!

We have been up for ages and the beds are made, the dishwasher on and emptied and the washing on the line!

Two cars washed and we are just chillin for a few mins before we go and get our cossies on for swimming,then we are having lunch out and back home then for a bit of garden tidying, it desperatly needs cutting and strimming as well as some more bags of woodchips popped onto the flower beds.

Cant see myself crafting today, but not to worry, I can live without it for a few days!!!! Ive also some very boring school paperwork to get finished!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Have been a bit naughty this week...

and ordered myself a scrapagogo kit, the newport bay kit looked so scrummy sat there online that I just had to have it, so I ordered it on my credit card, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dont tell huby Im supposed to be keeping that clear for my hols!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on now, who can resist this yummy looking peice of gorgeousness that comes supplied in its own bright yellow pizza box, happy days are here again, perhaps after my hols Ill start subscribing again!...or maybe before even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Album in a tin

I bought this little set of tins and clipboards from QVC a couple of weeks ago, there was no pic but I took a gamble and decided to get them, they were fab, 4 little woodware cd tins - 2 circular and 2 square, with 2 mini clipboards.

As nan is still in hospital I made her a little mini book to cheer her up and the fab thing about these is that they stand up so dont take much space up, perfect for her bedside locker to remind her of us lot, as ugly as we may be!!!!! All the papers are CCSR, there isnt too many embellies as the tins are quite flat but Ive popped on a few and she loved them! AC ribbons used and some of the crafters delight TSV too!!!!
The front and the decorated tin!

The back!

Just the front!

Just the back!

Not the very best of my work but Nan loved it just the same, going to have a go at the clipboards at the weekend ready for xmas pressies!!!!

Bank Holiday happiness

We all love a bank holiday don't we, so why arent there more of them. Dispite being really poorly with a cold I still managed to do a few things with the help of a box of tissues and some decongestants!
SO off we trotted to Bournemouth on Sunday, a quick spin on the merry go round.
Followed by a stroll along the beach...
An icecream in the park....
A stroll through the park to see some wicked art work - this one is called scarecrows for squirrels!

And a shot of me taken by Charley in the back of the car!!!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Thriller Live!

We have just been to see this at our local theatre tonight, and wow was it fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you get the chance to go, do as it really was well worth the money! We we posh this evening and had a box to ourselves too!!!!

Thriller Live is a spectacular concert specially created to celebrate the incredible career of the world's greatest entertainer - Michael Jackson.The amazing concert features a West End cast of performers including singers, a live band, and as you'd expect, fantastic dancers paying tribute to the true King of Pop!Thriller Live is a celebration of the music of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. This sensational concert features specially created choreography and brilliant vocal performances, in a brand new show that brings the magic of Michael and the Jackson 5 to life.
Featuring over two hours of hit songs including I Want You Back, I'll Be There, Show You The Way To Go, Can You Feel It, Rock With You, She's Out Of My Life, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Earth Song and many more!

We arrived back to an ambulance on m&d's doorstep as gramps has had another hypo, thats 2 in one day, one more and he will be in hospital like nan! What is going on at the moment!!!!