Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Loveliness

Just the thought of not being at work is super fab at the moment, I love my job dearly, but I love the holidays best! This weekend was no exception! Today we went of to West Wittering and spent some lovely time in the sunshine (yes I am lobster red, even thought I had suncream on!)

We had a lovely little picnic when we arrived before going anywhere near the beach, seeing as sand and food really do not mix! Charley decided to make herself a little monster roll!

Then later in the afternoon we moved onto Hayling Island where we had the most yummiest fish and chips I have ever had, even Charlottes plate was clean at the end of it!

We arrived at the beach and managed to set up in a spot about 3 meters away from Charlottes friend from preschooll how spooky! So they were both sorted for friends for the afternoon!

Anyhow after several hours play and lots of sunshine to boot, we moved down the coast and had a fabby time at the little funfair, by the way if you ever go on the flume ride there, do it last and dont sit at the back, I survived the whole ride getting just mildly wet till we were sat waiting to get off and other boat banged into the back of us and then I didnt just get soaked, I was mega soaked!!!!!!!!!!
My little monkey on the dragon roller coaster! She insisted on going on this ride on her own! Bless her!
So what does today hold in store for us? Well for me lots of cun cream, long sleeved t-shirts and a donkey derby! Yes our local village in Sandhurst still holds this every year, so to follow tradition thats where we are heading today! Donkey pics to follow!

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