Thursday, 7 May 2009

Album in a tin

I bought this little set of tins and clipboards from QVC a couple of weeks ago, there was no pic but I took a gamble and decided to get them, they were fab, 4 little woodware cd tins - 2 circular and 2 square, with 2 mini clipboards.

As nan is still in hospital I made her a little mini book to cheer her up and the fab thing about these is that they stand up so dont take much space up, perfect for her bedside locker to remind her of us lot, as ugly as we may be!!!!! All the papers are CCSR, there isnt too many embellies as the tins are quite flat but Ive popped on a few and she loved them! AC ribbons used and some of the crafters delight TSV too!!!!
The front and the decorated tin!

The back!

Just the front!

Just the back!

Not the very best of my work but Nan loved it just the same, going to have a go at the clipboards at the weekend ready for xmas pressies!!!!


Chrissie said...

I love those.....I was drawn to them when I saw them on QVC at the weekend. You have done a great job and what a nice thing to do for your Grandmother. The tin will keep it all safe.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW it's lovely jo, well done and can understand why your nan loves it...and sparkly vibes for a speedy recovery...

maria x