Saturday, 27 October 2007

What do I love?

1. My daughter and my husband - being a family is soooooo important to me and now we are a family its great, don't get me wrong we were still a family when there were two of us, but three makes us complete!

2. All My family, without my family things wouldnt be the same there wouldnt be anyone to share all the little joys with, like the box of cereal Charley tipped on the floor, or the tears we shared at Nans funeral, or the family christmases spent fighting at the dinner table and arguing because we wanted our presents before dinner.

3. My crafting, I couldnt live without it, its so all consuming and individual.

4. Spring, I love the new life that begins, daffodils poking through the ground, bright mornings, easter egg hunts - just a beautiful time of year.

5. My car, Id be lost without it!

They are some of my favourite things that all go together to make life the magical time that it is!

(Projects from the Brenda Pinnick Kit, the first 2 are from a pocket page album which is really cute and the third is a 12x12 layout.)

I spent yesterday finishing my household chores, well ther are a few still not *quite* finished but I NEED to do something creative or I will go mad. I am going to create some Penny Black cards and ATCs today with my new stamps which is going to be so fun...I will try to take some photos but my I can't find my battery charger for my camera, those pesky little camera fairies must have borrowed it, either that or Ive just put it somewhere very safe (too safe even for me!)

After a very busy problematic week at work I finally got a day off and Charley and I have a very cheap trip into Woking to the shops. When I say cheap thats because I didnt buy anything however I needed to get a bank loan to pay for the car parking - £1.80 for two hours, what do they line these car parks with gold dust!!!

Got a new kit through the other day, Once upon a Time kit from QVC item number 585611 and its soooooo lovely! Ive done a page (cant photograph it of course!) and am really pleased with it, caught my 2 1/2 year old sat in my spare room stroking the pages of it going oooooo and ahhhhhhh she loved it!!!

My big treat this week was ordering the Brenda Pinnick 2 christmas Albums which has a fabulous amount of Paper,Cards, Die-cuts,Chipboard Stickers & Embellishments Item Number: 585966 I got the crafters delight one which is the everyday kit about 2 months ago when it came back into stock from a tsv, it is a fabulous kit and Ive popped up some projects that I already have pictures for so am just waiting for this to arrive and Ill be the happiest bunny alive.

This kit has caused absolute mayhem on the docrafts website, so if you get a chance take a look at it fantastic for inspiration or just a chat with fellow crafters!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Well what a week we have had, Ive been up to my eyeballs in my disseration but am beginning to make good headway with it and thats all good, due in on 21st November along with another uni assigment which will be tough!

Ive joined the world of atc's these past few weeks and am having so much fun swapping with people, because of the strike I now have 22 to post out to people, so many, will try and post a few up on here later so you can see what Im up too. I now have 28 that Ive swapped with others.

The weekend was spent at the shops and doing exciting things like housework and washing!!!! I must be mad though because at 6am this morning, where was I, in the garage doing the ironing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charley has now settled well into preschool and this morning ran in before i could even say goodbye, thank goodness! We do make sure that every time she goes in she takes something to do with the theme which does seem to make it much easier. This morning our woolly clown (which she wouldnt carry because she doesnt like it!!) went with us plus some tigers and elephants - yes its the circus this week! In return I got a huge pile of paintings and stickings, what will I do with them all!