Friday, 28 May 2010

Yum Yum!

I just found 3 mini selection boxes left over from xmas that i bought for my neighbours kids, I wonder whether I can eat all three tonight!!!!!!!!!!  I think NOT!

Im still not posting because of the depression Ive sunken into again, I was in the same place last year, but this time is worse, mainly because Im going for all these interviews and still not getting any job offers, I feel like a failure, ive never been for a job and not got it!  Now Ive been for 3 and not got any of those, Im hoping that something will turn up soon!

So this month we have:
Seen these very funny morris men at the yateley may fair.

Listened to these fabolous men and women, they are at the fair every year, this year there were less than normal, but they are a joy to listen too, and work really hard there!

and finally have made these little babies for my baby bro and his wife to be....

Friday, 21 May 2010

The weekend has landed!

So the weekend is here, Im not posting much at the moment as Im not in a happy place.  Im struggling to cope with much and even my usual crafting online haunts arent seeing me either.  Im struggling with uni work, preparing for my final assessment, preparing for my 80% teaching a week and still trying to find a job amongst all that!

I went for and interview this week for a job I really wanted and didnt get it, over one little thing!  However that does mean that my confidence is talking a huge knock and Im now struggling even more and despite what everyone thinks primary school teaching jobs in this area are pretty scarce, which is then causing me extra worry because there arent many that I can apply for!

Anyhow, Lottie is off on her rainbow sleepover tomorrow, not sure how she will be but hopefully she will enjoy it!  And it means that i can watch over the rainbow in peace - Sophie to win!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

This week has been hectic beyond belief and it isnt getting any easier.  I have three job interviews over the next couple of day, which is very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wish me luck, there is one that I really want, and one that would come a close second!

My 80% placement is proving tough, and even harder work with interviews and job applications to sort!  Im snowed under, cant wait for the weekend!  Im hoping that I might have some good news by then on the job front!  We shall see!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

A long ole week

This week has been a long one, I start my 80% teaching next week and Im totally exhausted before it is even happening.  Still busy job hunting, studying and teaching, its a full time job this job hunting malarkey isnt it.  I sooooooo can't wait to have half term.  My folks have finally agreed to take Lottie out 2 days for me to give em some study time and I feel that i will need it by then!

Last night I spent making my friends wedding invitations and we are still not done!  They are getting there tough, will show you a sneaky  of them later when I find my camera.

i did a couple more pages over the week, but again need to find my camera in order to photograph them.

Tomorrow we are off to see London Nights, Broadway Nights, a musical medely, with loads of songs from the musicals, I cant wait, Im going with mum, and my sister in law and my sister in law to be!  Should be a lovely night out!

Will be back later with some pics hopefully!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Another Lift!

Still in the scrapping mood at the moment, but not in the mood to design my own pages, so Ive lifted this one from clare33 over on UKS.  Its of Grandad and Lottie taken when he still lived in London and I love this pic!  Ive used some old papers from the Fancy Pants Sweetpea collection which were just sitting around gathering dust, and now they are no longer!   It does feel good cutting into all these papers and making things with them!

Anyway, off to look for more easy scraplift pages!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Said I would be back, didnt I!

Well here are three of the layouts that I have done today, I didnt realise just how much stuff I really do have for scrapping with, its beyond a joke really!  Too many pretty papers to stroke and look at and not actually do anything with, I have 10 scrapagogo kits which have hardly been cut into and now a few others as well that I am beginning to accumulate and when I went under the bed today I found 3 huge pads of papers including a WRMK tiffany pad i bought from QVC months ago and had forgotten about, so Im going to  start using them!!!!

The first layout is made using a Scrapagogo kit from April 2008, Ive done a few layouts with this kit and their is still loads left!  Sorry the pic isnt fab, it looks completely skewwy, but thats just me and the angle that i have taken the photograph in!

This next page is a very young Lottie! from April's Gottacraft kit, its a total lift from their booklot, but I like it!  I used a few prima essentials and also my Martha Stewart corner punch.  The chipboard stems are from an ancient pack of cherryarte chipboard which I have inked in pinks and reds.

This final layout is from a set of MME Jack and Jill, from favourite thing and Life is good!  Ive used some of my QVC primas and a journalling card from etsy.   This page is a bit of a scraplife from Laura's blog here!

Im pleased with all of my layouts, I know that they are basic, but Im still happy!

Thank you for stopping by to look!

Its raining, it's pouring...

It must be bank holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, Im busy with uni work and planning, I cant wait for the year to be over and I can be qualified and think about uni again!  Won't that be nice!

I have been busy making Emily's wedding invitations this weekend and really enjoyed cutting and snipping whilst watching over the rainbow, the question is who will go tonight????

Anyway only a quick post for the minute, will be back later with any updates and hopefully a new scrap page too!