Friday, 28 May 2010

Yum Yum!

I just found 3 mini selection boxes left over from xmas that i bought for my neighbours kids, I wonder whether I can eat all three tonight!!!!!!!!!!  I think NOT!

Im still not posting because of the depression Ive sunken into again, I was in the same place last year, but this time is worse, mainly because Im going for all these interviews and still not getting any job offers, I feel like a failure, ive never been for a job and not got it!  Now Ive been for 3 and not got any of those, Im hoping that something will turn up soon!

So this month we have:
Seen these very funny morris men at the yateley may fair.

Listened to these fabolous men and women, they are at the fair every year, this year there were less than normal, but they are a joy to listen too, and work really hard there!

and finally have made these little babies for my baby bro and his wife to be....


SusieJ said...

Stunning work Joanne.
I'm sorry you feel so down.
Fingers crossed things improve for you.
Hugs and sparkles,
Sue xx

Jill B (jilleebee) said...

I can totally relate to what you have said. I've always got every job I've gone for in the past too. I've recently had 2 interviews where I work already and not got the jobs!! That made me feel just great! My contract runs out at the end of June so I'm starting to panic now - a lot! My confidence has taken a real battering and I could almost paper a wall with the reject letters I've had! I don't know whats worse - a reject letter or not even receiving an acknowledgement that you bothered to apply in the first place!!

Its very hard to stay positive - especially as I generally have the same outlook on life as Eyore - but taking photos and making cards helps.

Hope you pick up soon - life tends to turn a corner when you least expect it :-))

SueB said...

Joanne, I'm so sorry you're feeling a bit low at the moment. I really hope you can find something that can help you, sending you zillions of sparkles.

Your cards are just wonderful Joanne, please, please don't think of yourself as a failure. You are a very talented crafter, have a beautiful little girl, and will make a great teacher. There's a job out there with your name on it, just you wait and see.

Biggest hugs!
Suzie xxxxx :)