Friday, 21 May 2010

The weekend has landed!

So the weekend is here, Im not posting much at the moment as Im not in a happy place.  Im struggling to cope with much and even my usual crafting online haunts arent seeing me either.  Im struggling with uni work, preparing for my final assessment, preparing for my 80% teaching a week and still trying to find a job amongst all that!

I went for and interview this week for a job I really wanted and didnt get it, over one little thing!  However that does mean that my confidence is talking a huge knock and Im now struggling even more and despite what everyone thinks primary school teaching jobs in this area are pretty scarce, which is then causing me extra worry because there arent many that I can apply for!

Anyhow, Lottie is off on her rainbow sleepover tomorrow, not sure how she will be but hopefully she will enjoy it!  And it means that i can watch over the rainbow in peace - Sophie to win!!!!!!!!


Helen said...

sorry to hear about the job, hope something turns up soon.
Hope Lottie enjoys the rainbow sleepove

SusieJ said...

Sorry about the job Joanne - fingers crossed for the next interview.
Sending you sparkles and hugs - I've been where you are and it does pass and things get better - it will all be worth it in the end.
Just make sure you get some "me time" - even if it's only 15 mins.
Sue xx