Monday, 29 September 2008

Pre Birthday Rush!

Well Im not even half organised for Steves birthday on wednesday, Ive still 4 pages of his book to do, wrap pressies and make a cake which charlotte informs me is going to be a snakes and ladders board!!!!

So tomorrow lunchtime I have a sponge cake to make and butter icing to get ready. The of to work and back from work to ice and decorate it. Its all too much! Still I got his card finished yesterday evening, not a very inspiring card, but its done all the same, will pop it on here later if I get a chance otherwise will be tomorrow!

Im off to pack my bag for work, Im going to craft of the sly, shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Only 3 DLO's and a single DLO to go!!!!

Im nearly done with Steves florida album, I thought that I would never get there, its very basic and not the best that I have done, but stash diet means no new stash to enjoy, stroke and buy! I found a couple of disney bits floating round the house so have added them, but I know it could have been better. I will take some pics when it becomes daylight and post them here.

Now last night I was working on this album and I had some pics of mickey's fantasmic and can I fidn the, can I heck as like!!! What did I do with them I really dont know! But I NEED THEM!!!!!!

We are off to Blackbushe Market this morning, we desperatley need a restock of all the bathroom/cleaning products so that will be sooooo thrilling!!!! NOT. The Im cooking roast chicken for tea tonight, I lurveeeeeeeeee roasts! My mouth is just watering at the thought of roast potatoes, chicken, bacon wrapped sausages, stuffing, yorkies and veg!

Oh, I made another batch of marzipan muffins on friday, mmmmmmmmm, I added cherries to the dried friut and they were even better than the first lot! I need to get the photos printed though as they need to go in the post very quickly! I also need to think about the DoCrafts circle journal - might be a bit late this time as I have soooo much to do!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Its been a few days...

Since I last posted my nan seems a lot better, we are waiting for her test results to come back and will hopefully know more then. The GP suggested that we contact socail services to see what help she and my grandad can get, so mum is hot on the trails there!

I have been quite busy this week trying to get an album done for Steve for his birthday, but Im not getting very far, its of our disney hols and as Im trying not to buy new stash at the moment I am uninspired as I know how many fabby disney papers there are out there!

Anyhow also making a mini book which is meant for his mum, but I think will end up as his!!!!

Here are some pics from my recipe journals Im working on at the moment!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My nan!

I hada call from my mum last night that made me cry, nan is poorly and we dnt yet know what is wrong, she refused to go to hospital and so we will have to wait unitl the doctor visits today after surgery. Mum said that she cant walk, it took them 20 minutes to get her to the toilet last night!

Anyhow, hopefully after lunch we should have a bit more of an idea if whats happening. Charley will have to come to work with me today as mum is going to nans, I just hope that she is ok, we are very close to my nan and its awful as you feel so helpless.

On a good note the letters telling the parents we are closing the club went out today, so Im hoping that people will start to make alternative arrangements and the club will then close sooner than xmas! Will make my desicion easier as to whether or not to leave!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

In a quandry!

Well today I went to my new job. They have offered me to start full time earlier than january and with the situation of my other job finishing at xmas Im wondering whether to just go earlier. It means no redundancy but more sanity!!!!! What do I do, answers on a postcard to... well you could put a comment on the blog and let me know what you think. I only stand to get about £600 redundancy so is it worth it???????????

Have done some more recipe pages so will upload them laters!!!!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

More recipe pages!!!

So here are my next lot of recipes pages for Michaelas book, (vege recipes!)

Yes I know Ive spelt aparagus wrong!!!!
And here is one for mine - funny isnt it, Im less interested in making them for my own!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Well Ive cleaned most of the house (not all I got bored!) and am now sitting here in the study trying to hurridly put together a srapbook for Steves birthday on 1st October, I have 10 days to fill 20 pages! I have just completed page number 4, last night I did the first page and then a double page too. Its an album from when we went over to the states. We dont have many pics as I only had one of those cameras that you have to put film in, in those days! (thats how long ago it was) and Steve took his video camera I think so there arent many pics at all. I have to go online to picassaweb to get some pics, but hey ho ive pretty much got enough of the for a book!

So thats my project at the moment. Im trying hard to stay out of forums at the moment as I get too absorbed in them I do very little else and seeing as I have so much scrapping stuff I should get on and use it rather than leave it sitting rotting and geting wasted, I still want to buy more and more and more!

Everyone on Docrafts were raving the other week about the cosmo cricket tsv that should be comig up at the end of the month, I have decided though that I nee a new craft trolley and am spending my money on a new one of those rather than another set of albums, papers and embellies, I have way too many and should just use them than go mad! Well we shall see maybe both will slip in my basket, I do get a tax rebate this month dont I??????

Thursday, 18 September 2008

The weekend starts at 9.00am!

Hooray! I have this morning off from my new job! Not for anything exciting though! Were off to view the local schools today as we have the all important decision to make of where to send Charlotte in September, (me thinks that at 4 3/4 she is far too young to start school) however the great powers that be (GORDON BROWN, my best friend - NOT!!!!) and the rest of the other government idiots still feel it is appropriate to force education on our future generation at such an early age! No contest in schools really, one has just recieved outstanding from Ofsted, so that one has it basically. Its also a stones throw over the back fence into the play ground, we are considering putting a gate into our back fence for a short cut for her!!! But we have decided to go see both local schools in a bid to make an informed descision!

This lovely lady Becks has some rather cool blog candy to win!!!! Check these out, loving these stamps, am already dreaming of how I could use them in my scrapping!!!!! Please Becks let me win them!!! She also has links to other freebies that may interest you!

Nearly the weekend!

Well its thrusday again, dont the weeks fly by! Its already almost the end of the second week of the term, five more to go till half term! My new job is going well and Im really enjoying so things are good at the minute!

I did do some scrapping last night for our recipe journal but will upload later as it was too dark to photograph it last night.

Still plodding on with learn something new every day, tuesday I learnt that there are some pople who do want to help.

Yesterday I learnt that i really hate it when people talk through my fav telly programmes!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Another little project Im working on....

So here is my latest project that I am doing with my friends from work, We have each made a recipe book for different things (chocolate recipes, vege recipes etc) and mine is baked goodies!!!! Well what else would it be! So we all exchange books every 2 weeks and every 6 weeks our own books get returned to us so we can pop in a recipe of our choosing and try out some of the others in it! They are all starting to take shape and look great!

Monday, 15 September 2008

STOP PRESS.......He bought me flowers!!!!!

Things at home between hubby and I havent been that good for a while, but yesterday I had the shock of my life!!!

He bought me some flowers, yes you heard it right, flowers!!! Only crummy petrol station ones (and they look like petrol stations ones that have been sat on the forecourt for about 3 years) but nonetheless he bought them for me!!!!

Whats he after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pics of some of the projectes that I am working on

I havent posted on here for ages any pics, mainly because Ive not been able to use my desk top computer for while! So here goes:

Above are the cards I have made for the september reciepe swap I have done two the same this time and as time is so precious at the moment, they are just quick ones, promise Ill do better next time ladies!!!!
Next is the birthday album that I am working on at the moment I havent done very much of it and what is doen was what I achieved at the crop! The album is one that Emma from Docrafts sent me, so I need to get it finished!

Lastly is the card keeper that I have made for MIL for her birthdy next month! Its only a quickie pressie but I never know what to buy her so this will do!

Here they are......

So here is my Pic of the marzipan muffins, I got round to uploading them to the computer so thought I would put one on here to drool over!

They really did taste yummy, yes today I had one and I could taste it!!!! Hooray!!!!

I think that I will be making plenty more of these over the next few weeks as they havent lasted very long in our house!

and here are my cute little reindeer ones too, they are soooooo sweet and the chocolate icing is delish! I did add some choccy chunks to the sponge mix which has given them even more chocolate flavour!!!!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mmmmmmmmm, marzipan muffins

Oh I just wish that I could taste them!!! Everyone else tells me they are delicious, but my cold is that bad I cant taste them!!! The look good, will post pics in the morning as its too dark to take pics now!!! I also made the reindeer ones too but I cant taste them either!

Still stuffed

up with cold and to top it off Charley has now got it too

I have managed to finish my recipe cards for the xmas cupcake swap, barring piccies, which need to be taken in order to finish them! Im quite pleased actually all three sets are quite different which pleased me so today I am spending the morning baking mmmmmmm marzipan muffins and reindeer cupcakes! I can't wait to get the smell of marzipan wafting through the house, christmassy smells!!!!

So today we are off to runabout again and then having roast chicken for dinner tonight, another one of my favs! Only shame being that i have cook it!!! Ah well no rest for the wicked.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

'Life is so precious, treasure every moment,' was a comment left on a blog yesterday I was visiting. It was left about this lady The Scrapping Rican who passed away in a car crash and reminded me how precious life is and we never know how long we have.

Its funny actually how many people I now know and have never, nor probably will meet because of my scrapping, but there are many wonderful people our there whose friendships and supports I am grateful to, so to all of you I say thank you!

Ive not many plans for the weekend, Im suffering from a horrid cold that ive had for a few days now and its making me feel awful, but i only caught it because Im now back at work full time so my system has had one big shock! Roll on january when my hours reduce slightly!!!

Did some clothes shopping yesterday and I needed some new clothes for my new jobs, didnt spend too much and just bought a couple of tops and a new cardi as mine are all either years old or totally scruffy!!!! Havent been in a job where I wear my own clothes for so long, I have managed to get away with horrible scruffy 5 year old clothes that have now been stained with baby sick, paint and other horrible things I wouldnt even want to think about them!!! Im trying not to buy to much though as I have now lost 1/2 stone in 5 weeks so I want to carry on. My aim is to be back in a size 16 (ok some would say thats not a goal, but for me it is, and when I get there then i will reset my goal to a 14, any smaller than that and I know Ill look ill!) Ive never been skinny, but I cant be this size forever!!!

Right Im going to go and get dressed now, theres a demo day at Acre Office Supplies so Im going to pop in there and no doubt spend a little - not too much though as were not even half way on in the month and money is getting tight! I need to get going on my recipe swap cards for the xmas cupcake swap and also get on with charlottes 3d birthday album which I havent done anymore in since the crop earlier this month!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Have you seen this challenge blog?????

To help get the mojo started I decided to this week’s challenge at the How Much is To Much blog.

This fortnights challenge is: Challenge #88

Fabric & Notions

Use 4 fabrics and 4 notions (embellishments, ie buttons, flowers etc)

Never used fabric on a layout! Ill have a try at this over the weekend I think!

Christmas Cupcake recipe swap

Over on UKS Im doignt he xmas cupcake swap so Ive been busy today finding my reciepes and getting starting, al the page bases are complete and Ive started to make the chocolate truffle ones already, am going to cook them on friday, then I can get on with the marzipan muffins next, mmmmmm marzipan!

Today I learnt - work stinks, you can't rely on anyone! I asked for a meeting with my boss, who said meet me on wednesday after school, I arrive there at the alloted time and am told he is out on a meeting all day!!! Whats the point! Nobody gives a monkeys about the kids club anymore!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Grey and dull, don't ya just love the english weather!

Im sitting here relaxing and enjoying myself before I leave for work in 5 minutes, dd is at preschool, hopefully enjoying herself! Its pouring outside and damp and grey and really horrible!

I must do my layout for yesterda, I remembered to take piccies, yesterday I learnt that 'I miss my daughter so much when she is a preschool' she has started doing extended hours so is there from 8-12.45pm which is a lifetime for me even though Im at work!

Lets see what I learn today!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Good Afternoon!

Well Im getting established in my new job and enjoying it. I was a tad worried this morning as it was dd's first day back at school and she was doing extended hours, so wasnt sure how she would fare!!! She was absolutely fine! Loved it in fact! Thought it was great fun and loves the new climbing frame that is at school! So there was little ole me worring about whether she would be a problem with the extra hours that Im doing and infact, she is happy as a pig in mud! or a three year old on a climbing frame!!!

Hoping to finish early tonight from my other job, as Im quite tired and as there are only going to be four children I think I should be able to! Wont be able to go early at all after next week as Ellen leaves! Then its just two of us each day, going to be a problem if one of us goes sick though!!!

Right I need to go look at my shimelle prompt for today , I didnt write about what I learn yesterday, so need to do that too! There is always so much to do and I still have to upload some pics onto here as its looking soooooo bare without any pics of late!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Learn Something New

I started a new shimelle class earlier in the week although Ive not even started My Freedom!

During September i'm Learning Something New Every Day

On the 1st September I learnt that taking time to relax with family is so important. I went shopping with my mum - havent done that in years! I realy enjoyed myself.

On the 2nd September I learnt that being a mummy is hard at times but that it has sooo many rewards. Today was my last day at home with my dd and we made the most of it! Painting, gluing and the ball pit!

On the 3rd September I learnt that taking time out for me is essential. - I went to my first crop and loved it, it was only small, but everyone was really nice and I got lots done!

On the 4th September I learnt that juggling life and work isnt easy! - I felt like I was in and out and in and out all day, didnt help I was late home from work either!

On the 5th September I learnt that I need my sleep. Having had a few late nights this week and going back to work full time means that i need to get in more sleep in the week and go to bed at a reasonable time. So last night I flopped out at about 9pm!

Ive not done a layout for any day yet as I need to get pictures printed but will post as soon as I can. My kit from Shimelle arrived the other day and its fab, although I wished that I had ordered it first time round! Ah well, lets see what today holds!

We had the boiler serviced yesterday. British Gas condemmed it - dont they always! Anyhows this morning its not working properly at all and after several rows with BG they can send someone tuesday! Hmmmmmm now let me think - I am working 9-12.15 then Im working again 2-6.15pm, when are they going to come - anytime between 1 and 6pm! Helpful arent they!!!! Problem being that I cant take time off work to be at home!!! Moral of the story - NEVER USE BRITISH GAS FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 5 September 2008

I love my new job!

I really enjoyed my new job yesterday, working with the children was great and I role has been changed already. I will now have 2 full mornings with year two then split the morning on the other three days between year 1 and 2. Which suits me down to the ground. I will definately be going into the foundation stage from January, which means that my hours then change and I become a Nursery Nurse rather than a teaching Assistant. Im hoping also to apply for the Graduate Teaching Programme in the next 12 months too, so that when Charlotte starts school, I cann hopefully fulfil my dream to teach, although no doubt that plan will probably change, most do!

Will try and get some pics uploaded for the bits I did at the crop the other night, Ive not done anything since, so Steve is out tonight again so will try and do some more, I finally started Charleys 3rd birthday book so will do a few more pages in it!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Kids are back today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the first day back with kids, so Im looking forward to my new job. I found out yesterday that my second job is in threat of redundancy, which suits me down to the ground as I was planning to leave at christmas anyhow, so a few weeks redundancy pay will help out quite a bit!!!

I went to my first crop last night and boy did I pay for it. Steve hated the fact that I did what I wanted for once. He was in a strop from the minute that he got home, putting me in a bad mood, and seeing as I had been in a perfectly happy mood all day, this really annoyed me. He was rude to my parents which doubly annoyed me because they have taken the week off to help me out with charley so that I can start my new job! Anyhow, the crop was good, there were only four of us so it was nice and quiet. When I got back he was still in a strop and did his usual 'Im not happy that you have dne what you want, so Im going to keep you up all night' which is what he does when he is in a paddy. Pathetic man! So it was 1am before I got to sleep this morning and Im working all day today, so Im not best pleased. I will be going to bed early tonight and if he tries to stop me he will get a mouthful! I dont understand why he has to be soooo patheitc all the time because he doesnt get what he wants! Ive decided that I will go to as many of these as possible, till he learns that I am entitled to a life too! Soemthing which he hasnt let me have for the last 3 1/2 years!

On a more positive note I have restarted my diet and lost 5lb in the last three weeks, not quite as fast as I would like but at least Im loosing it rather than putting it on! Only another few pounds to go and its nearly half a stone!!! Im determined this time that I am going to do it and drop at least 2 dress sizes, I have a fab new job and Im starting to stand up for myself and do some of the things Ive been held back with since having Charley. Life feels good!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Would like to thank Tony Blair and Gordon Brown...

For making me go back to work full time. The country is in such financial mess in order to be able to put food on our table and shoes on our feet I am having to take a second job just to give us basics!

I always vowed that I wouldnt go back to work full time till dd started school, well sadly today that vow has ended, the world has just gotten too expensive for me and my family, so I will be working 8.45-6.30 evey day and some days 7.45-6.30pm! What a life, can't get any better really can it!!! All this to pay a whopping great mortgage and rising fuel and food costs. Oh but I shouldnt moan because I will get a tax rebate this month, a whole £60, whoopie do!!!!!

Anyhow enough moaning, Im offto a crop tonight, mum is having charley and Im off to have some fun. Im going to start work on Charleys 3rd birthday album and am going to use the lovely chipboard album that Emma from Docrafts sent me and the basc grey cupcake selection which I bought from Docrafts again as it was really good value. Been up since six trying to find all the right colour cardstocks and ribbons to go with it as well as brads and gem! Don't want to get there an not have enough to do!!!! Im sure that gas bagging will take up most of the time!!! Anyhows some of us have to get to work so will check in later today or tomorrow and let you see my crop products (if any!!!!) and how the day went.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Secret diary of a demented housewife¬

Am reading this book at the moment and the first page has had me in stitches. It sooo reminds me of my life and how I feel sometimes that its quite scary! Those of you with kids should read this and those without, read it and find out what its really like to have them!!!! I can't put it down at the moment!
Its rare for me to find a book that actually makes me laugh so when I saw it in a charity shop today I just had to have it. Niamh depicts life as a mother quite accuratly and protrays the mother in law as you or I would find our own! If you like chick-lit you will enjoy it. The diary format, I love as it means I can pick it up for a few minutes here and there and still enjoy it! Go on, get a copy! Its well worth the giggle! Ohhhh just checked out Amazon and she has released another one - secret diary of a demented housewife - the celeb years, must have this one too!
No crafting today sorry, have been too busy having girly time with my mum and doing some new job clothes shopping - woah my bargain today was a noce room handbag for £1!!!! Well impressed! The new purse I bought to go in it was more expensive £5.00 but did use my student discount card whilst I still have it!) Bought Charley a new pair of shoes too, now Im the mum that always gets her feet measured and pay over the odds prices, but today I was sensible mummy! £7 they cost in priceless shoes for a pair that will be wrecked like all the other startrite and clarks shoes I have ever bought for her, but I dont care cos at £7 she can have a new pair 5 times over (the last startrites I got her £36.00 and they didnt last more than about 2 weeks!)
I also picked me up a new belt £1.50 in primark! Bargains, Bargains, Bargains for me then came home and procedded to pop a shimelle kit into my basket just because Id had so many good bargains today!!! Tis shimelles new class today - learn something new - although I havent even looked at the prompt, maybe in the morning I have abook to read!