Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Would like to thank Tony Blair and Gordon Brown...

For making me go back to work full time. The country is in such financial mess in order to be able to put food on our table and shoes on our feet I am having to take a second job just to give us basics!

I always vowed that I wouldnt go back to work full time till dd started school, well sadly today that vow has ended, the world has just gotten too expensive for me and my family, so I will be working 8.45-6.30 evey day and some days 7.45-6.30pm! What a life, can't get any better really can it!!! All this to pay a whopping great mortgage and rising fuel and food costs. Oh but I shouldnt moan because I will get a tax rebate this month, a whole £60, whoopie do!!!!!

Anyhow enough moaning, Im offto a crop tonight, mum is having charley and Im off to have some fun. Im going to start work on Charleys 3rd birthday album and am going to use the lovely chipboard album that Emma from Docrafts sent me and the basc grey cupcake selection which I bought from Docrafts again as it was really good value. Been up since six trying to find all the right colour cardstocks and ribbons to go with it as well as brads and gem! Don't want to get there an not have enough to do!!!! Im sure that gas bagging will take up most of the time!!! Anyhows some of us have to get to work so will check in later today or tomorrow and let you see my crop products (if any!!!!) and how the day went.

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