Saturday, 20 September 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Well Ive cleaned most of the house (not all I got bored!) and am now sitting here in the study trying to hurridly put together a srapbook for Steves birthday on 1st October, I have 10 days to fill 20 pages! I have just completed page number 4, last night I did the first page and then a double page too. Its an album from when we went over to the states. We dont have many pics as I only had one of those cameras that you have to put film in, in those days! (thats how long ago it was) and Steve took his video camera I think so there arent many pics at all. I have to go online to picassaweb to get some pics, but hey ho ive pretty much got enough of the for a book!

So thats my project at the moment. Im trying hard to stay out of forums at the moment as I get too absorbed in them I do very little else and seeing as I have so much scrapping stuff I should get on and use it rather than leave it sitting rotting and geting wasted, I still want to buy more and more and more!

Everyone on Docrafts were raving the other week about the cosmo cricket tsv that should be comig up at the end of the month, I have decided though that I nee a new craft trolley and am spending my money on a new one of those rather than another set of albums, papers and embellies, I have way too many and should just use them than go mad! Well we shall see maybe both will slip in my basket, I do get a tax rebate this month dont I??????

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