Saturday, 6 September 2008

Learn Something New

I started a new shimelle class earlier in the week although Ive not even started My Freedom!

During September i'm Learning Something New Every Day

On the 1st September I learnt that taking time to relax with family is so important. I went shopping with my mum - havent done that in years! I realy enjoyed myself.

On the 2nd September I learnt that being a mummy is hard at times but that it has sooo many rewards. Today was my last day at home with my dd and we made the most of it! Painting, gluing and the ball pit!

On the 3rd September I learnt that taking time out for me is essential. - I went to my first crop and loved it, it was only small, but everyone was really nice and I got lots done!

On the 4th September I learnt that juggling life and work isnt easy! - I felt like I was in and out and in and out all day, didnt help I was late home from work either!

On the 5th September I learnt that I need my sleep. Having had a few late nights this week and going back to work full time means that i need to get in more sleep in the week and go to bed at a reasonable time. So last night I flopped out at about 9pm!

Ive not done a layout for any day yet as I need to get pictures printed but will post as soon as I can. My kit from Shimelle arrived the other day and its fab, although I wished that I had ordered it first time round! Ah well, lets see what today holds!

We had the boiler serviced yesterday. British Gas condemmed it - dont they always! Anyhows this morning its not working properly at all and after several rows with BG they can send someone tuesday! Hmmmmmm now let me think - I am working 9-12.15 then Im working again 2-6.15pm, when are they going to come - anytime between 1 and 6pm! Helpful arent they!!!! Problem being that I cant take time off work to be at home!!! Moral of the story - NEVER USE BRITISH GAS FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

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