Thursday, 18 September 2008

The weekend starts at 9.00am!

Hooray! I have this morning off from my new job! Not for anything exciting though! Were off to view the local schools today as we have the all important decision to make of where to send Charlotte in September, (me thinks that at 4 3/4 she is far too young to start school) however the great powers that be (GORDON BROWN, my best friend - NOT!!!!) and the rest of the other government idiots still feel it is appropriate to force education on our future generation at such an early age! No contest in schools really, one has just recieved outstanding from Ofsted, so that one has it basically. Its also a stones throw over the back fence into the play ground, we are considering putting a gate into our back fence for a short cut for her!!! But we have decided to go see both local schools in a bid to make an informed descision!

This lovely lady Becks has some rather cool blog candy to win!!!! Check these out, loving these stamps, am already dreaming of how I could use them in my scrapping!!!!! Please Becks let me win them!!! She also has links to other freebies that may interest you!

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