Monday, 8 September 2008

Good Afternoon!

Well Im getting established in my new job and enjoying it. I was a tad worried this morning as it was dd's first day back at school and she was doing extended hours, so wasnt sure how she would fare!!! She was absolutely fine! Loved it in fact! Thought it was great fun and loves the new climbing frame that is at school! So there was little ole me worring about whether she would be a problem with the extra hours that Im doing and infact, she is happy as a pig in mud! or a three year old on a climbing frame!!!

Hoping to finish early tonight from my other job, as Im quite tired and as there are only going to be four children I think I should be able to! Wont be able to go early at all after next week as Ellen leaves! Then its just two of us each day, going to be a problem if one of us goes sick though!!!

Right I need to go look at my shimelle prompt for today , I didnt write about what I learn yesterday, so need to do that too! There is always so much to do and I still have to upload some pics onto here as its looking soooooo bare without any pics of late!

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