Sunday, 28 September 2008

Only 3 DLO's and a single DLO to go!!!!

Im nearly done with Steves florida album, I thought that I would never get there, its very basic and not the best that I have done, but stash diet means no new stash to enjoy, stroke and buy! I found a couple of disney bits floating round the house so have added them, but I know it could have been better. I will take some pics when it becomes daylight and post them here.

Now last night I was working on this album and I had some pics of mickey's fantasmic and can I fidn the, can I heck as like!!! What did I do with them I really dont know! But I NEED THEM!!!!!!

We are off to Blackbushe Market this morning, we desperatley need a restock of all the bathroom/cleaning products so that will be sooooo thrilling!!!! NOT. The Im cooking roast chicken for tea tonight, I lurveeeeeeeeee roasts! My mouth is just watering at the thought of roast potatoes, chicken, bacon wrapped sausages, stuffing, yorkies and veg!

Oh, I made another batch of marzipan muffins on friday, mmmmmmmmm, I added cherries to the dried friut and they were even better than the first lot! I need to get the photos printed though as they need to go in the post very quickly! I also need to think about the DoCrafts circle journal - might be a bit late this time as I have soooo much to do!

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