Thursday, 4 September 2008

Kids are back today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the first day back with kids, so Im looking forward to my new job. I found out yesterday that my second job is in threat of redundancy, which suits me down to the ground as I was planning to leave at christmas anyhow, so a few weeks redundancy pay will help out quite a bit!!!

I went to my first crop last night and boy did I pay for it. Steve hated the fact that I did what I wanted for once. He was in a strop from the minute that he got home, putting me in a bad mood, and seeing as I had been in a perfectly happy mood all day, this really annoyed me. He was rude to my parents which doubly annoyed me because they have taken the week off to help me out with charley so that I can start my new job! Anyhow, the crop was good, there were only four of us so it was nice and quiet. When I got back he was still in a strop and did his usual 'Im not happy that you have dne what you want, so Im going to keep you up all night' which is what he does when he is in a paddy. Pathetic man! So it was 1am before I got to sleep this morning and Im working all day today, so Im not best pleased. I will be going to bed early tonight and if he tries to stop me he will get a mouthful! I dont understand why he has to be soooo patheitc all the time because he doesnt get what he wants! Ive decided that I will go to as many of these as possible, till he learns that I am entitled to a life too! Soemthing which he hasnt let me have for the last 3 1/2 years!

On a more positive note I have restarted my diet and lost 5lb in the last three weeks, not quite as fast as I would like but at least Im loosing it rather than putting it on! Only another few pounds to go and its nearly half a stone!!! Im determined this time that I am going to do it and drop at least 2 dress sizes, I have a fab new job and Im starting to stand up for myself and do some of the things Ive been held back with since having Charley. Life feels good!

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Clairewill said...

Men are a waste of space sometimes aren't they! But glad you enjoyed your crop, and hopefully he'll come around to it soon. And congrats on your weight loss xx