Monday, 1 September 2008

Secret diary of a demented housewife¬

Am reading this book at the moment and the first page has had me in stitches. It sooo reminds me of my life and how I feel sometimes that its quite scary! Those of you with kids should read this and those without, read it and find out what its really like to have them!!!! I can't put it down at the moment!
Its rare for me to find a book that actually makes me laugh so when I saw it in a charity shop today I just had to have it. Niamh depicts life as a mother quite accuratly and protrays the mother in law as you or I would find our own! If you like chick-lit you will enjoy it. The diary format, I love as it means I can pick it up for a few minutes here and there and still enjoy it! Go on, get a copy! Its well worth the giggle! Ohhhh just checked out Amazon and she has released another one - secret diary of a demented housewife - the celeb years, must have this one too!
No crafting today sorry, have been too busy having girly time with my mum and doing some new job clothes shopping - woah my bargain today was a noce room handbag for £1!!!! Well impressed! The new purse I bought to go in it was more expensive £5.00 but did use my student discount card whilst I still have it!) Bought Charley a new pair of shoes too, now Im the mum that always gets her feet measured and pay over the odds prices, but today I was sensible mummy! £7 they cost in priceless shoes for a pair that will be wrecked like all the other startrite and clarks shoes I have ever bought for her, but I dont care cos at £7 she can have a new pair 5 times over (the last startrites I got her £36.00 and they didnt last more than about 2 weeks!)
I also picked me up a new belt £1.50 in primark! Bargains, Bargains, Bargains for me then came home and procedded to pop a shimelle kit into my basket just because Id had so many good bargains today!!! Tis shimelles new class today - learn something new - although I havent even looked at the prompt, maybe in the morning I have abook to read!

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Helen said...

i may have to check this book out, i am reading an adele parks one at the moment.