Sunday, 31 August 2008

Its raining, its pouring, I wish that I was snoring.....

Yesterday I was moaning because it was too hot and I was feeling grumpy, today its just plain wet and soggy! I wish I was back in bed, hiding my head from the gloomy day. A trip to the ball pool with about another million kids and their parents who have the same idea as there is nothing else to do in the rain is in order I feel!

Havent done much crafting yesterday except Claire's Circle Journal, just got a little of this and a little of that and it will be winging its way to Helen! Must get going on the one that I need to send to Nicola too!

Anyhow Ive cracked the BIA problem I had with thanks to Gina and Ann from the DoCrafts forum, which reminds me I must get on and use some of the products that Emma sent me. I did use the stamp block yesterday when I was doing Claires cj entry and was really impressed, but Il do a proper review on it later and show you some of the things I used it for (will have to be just sneaky peaks though as I wouldnt want to spoil the surprise for Claire of whats in her book! My card keeper for MIL just needs the cards making now, but Im not that good at making cards, wil have to go onto some websites for some ideas! I on;y ever seem to use a bit of patterned paper and a stamped image on my cards of late, bit boring I feel.

Oh I did make a 50th Anniversary card too yesterday, so I guess that you could say I did do a reasonable amount of crafting! Ohhhhhh 3 more days and I will be a full timer again, please go slowly till then so I can scrap lots!!!!!!


Clairewill said...

I don't much like surprises but CJ's are the exception! I'll try not to even look at your sneaky peeks!! x

CoventryAnn said...

I know how you feel about going back to work.... I cleared my crafty stuff away last night for the time being... :(