Friday, 15 August 2008

Aniversary book

Just realised that its our anniversary on the 27th so I decided that I had best get on with the 07/08 family journal for hubby. Im quite enjoying it as its a mix of basic scrapping but mainly journalling, which I dont really like doing on layouts as my handwriting is sooooo bad because of my carpel tunnel! Although the journalling in the book looks terrible, hubby wont mind! I have just popped photobox order through and when it arrives tomorrow Im hoping that the album will then be finished - not bad for 2 days work!

Ill pop some pics on later! Quite weekend planned this week, a bit of scrapping, a bit of playing and Uncle Paul is coming over again, so that will keep hubby out of the house this evening in order to get on with the little project Im working on. I have made a cd album too for him with Belinda, its looking ok but needs finishing. I quite fancy having a go at an exploding box too, but may cheat and buy a template for Robbie and make my life easier!

Had a letter from college again today telling me I still owe them fees, I give up, they just refunded it to me, I hope they dont want it back, as I have spent it all now!!!!!!LOL!

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