Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lazy days!

Today we have done nothing at all, Im still getting over my stomach bug so have spent the day sitting round watching tv! I started another notelet set last night using anna griffin papers and will give those to MIL as I like my Sassafrasslass ones and want to keep them for me to use!

Ive also started covering a cd album which I am going to turn into 'our garden flowers book' I have about 3 more cds to cover then will bind it and start putting in the piccies!

I did pop out briefly yesterday to get moonsand and as ever Steve is soooooo romantic and sent me off money in hand to buy myself something for our anniversary! Ever the romantic!

As I type dd is out in the garden killing ladybirds! Isnt she lovely, now she is squashing him ever so gently!!! with her trainers whilst laughing, kids are horrid arent they!

I just ordered some Basic Grey Cupcake papers and embellies, cant wait for them to arrive, I love the glazed brads they do and their chipstickers, which reminds me I still have some two scoops to use up!

We will be away for a few days over the weekend so tomorrow will be my last post for a few days, right best go rescue the rest of the garden bugs!

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