Wednesday, 27 August 2008

So what were you doing four years ago today?

Me well,

I was up at 6.30, at my parents helping to blow up about a million balloons, checking my dress was crease free and preparing for the registry office. At 11.00am I was married and by 12.25pm I was having my weddng breakfast of 1/4 pounder and chips at McDonalds - romantic arent I!

At 1pm my flowers arrived at the house, they were the wrong colour, so I was probably having a paddy!!! The right coloured flowers arrived at 1.58pm 2 mins before the ceremony (we had a humanist ceremony which is recognised as a legal ceremony, hence the registry office first thing)

Round about now, the photos were finished and balloons were released and evening guests were arriving for the wedding ceremony. Seems like a million years have gone by since then and my life has changed so much even in 4 years. Funny isnt it, the difference a few years makes!

So what have I done today, well spent this morning at the ball pit and this afternoon at the park feeding the ducks! Roll on this evening when we can crack open a bottle of wine and chill out with dd in bed!

Question is what will I be doing in another 4 years on this day?????

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