Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Moonsand Heaven!

Well it is for DD, she has finished her jobs chart, a whole week of not having to pick up her clothes from the floor, not having to lay the table for meals and not having to tidy her mat during the day has been bliss,. so we are going to start again tomorrow!!!

Im feeling a bit better today so we are off to town to get the moonsand that has been the bain of our lives for the last month, still her behaviour has been much much better and I dont feel like I am pulling my hair out all the time with tantrums so its been worth it. Wonder what the next pressie will have to be!!!!lol!

Hopign to get some of my Lola rose images coloured today so that I can make a little notelet set for MIL as we are going to stay there this weekend, fortunatly we are only doing one night with them and then the other 2 nights we have booked into a Premier Inn, not that there is much premier about them usually, but we shall see!

Anyhow off to town now so will pop up pics of anthing I create later as well as the moon sand efforts!!!! Not sure who will have more fun with it, her or me!

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