Friday, 31 October 2008

Mmmmmmmmmmm baking

Had a busy day today baking my little heart out! Chocolate orange muffins, kiddies cupcakes and mincemeat muffins - well xmas isnt that far away is it!!!!!

The choccy orange ones smell delish!!!!!!!!!!! Too hot to eat as I just found out by burning my thumb as I took them out of the tray on some boiling hot chocolate orange pieces!

The kiddies cupcakes are ready for icing, so we are just waiting for Charlottes little friend Aria to arrive so we can get on with them, bought some funky little pink and white bobbles and pink glimmer sugar crystals in Asda this morning when I was shopping, they are going to have soooo much fun! Be back soon, well once the cakes are iced!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Free class!

I found this on Emma's blog so thought that I would pass it on in case anyones interested!!!

Jessica Sprague is holding a free STORIES IN HAND class. All you need to do is register and join in! Registration will stay open until November 8! Class size is unlimited. You do NOT need to be a scrapbooker, just a person with stories to tell.

Spread the word! If you're looking for the backstory for this class. VISIT HER WEBSITE HERE

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Woke up this morning to a garden covered in snow, fortunatly nowhere to go today so Im not scraping it off the car! Charley was in her element until she realised that her hands were cold and we couldnt find the gloves!

Anyways Ive been quite busy this week, chilling with Charley, yesterday she started making her xmas cards so a trip the the craft shop was necessary! Didnt spend much but did manage to get a couple of cats eyes ink pads for 49p - the assistant got the price wrong and I wasnt going to correct her!

I have now decorated mums recipe tin - barring adding the ribbons, if I could find them it would help! Ive used the basic grey infuse range and a love it, cant wait to do mine, but xmas stuff comes first. I still havent finished the mums calenders, I do look at them most days but never quite get them finished, ah well there is always tomorrow - oooppppsss no theres not as tomorrow we are off to see Wall-E and then the bear factory for some bear clothes shopping, then friday charlotte has her little friend comeing over for tea, their preschool teachers call them 'a force to be reckoned with' so Im expecting havoc! Think of me on friday about 3.30pm when mayhem appears!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Been a while

since I blogged, but time is just running past me at the minute, I dont know why but there just doesnt seem to be one spare minute in the day! Went to a crop last week and did a bit more on Charlottes 3rd birthday album and have booked a place on Rachels mini book class in November, were making an album in a mini suitcase, I think I will also do her xmas one which is a canvas, mini note book and a plaque, so thats me sorted for a while!

Ive managed to find some tines for altering so am going to make a load of recipe cards and decorate the tin for mum for xmas and I still have to finish the calenders that I have started. Decided that I will also make one for my nan and brother and sister in law to be! Not sure whether my older brother and his wife would appreciate one or not!

Hoping to get one or two more notices from Kids club children this week we had another two last week which means there are 2 kids an afternoon! Whoopee do!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

looking forward today!

Today I only have my morning shift to work as there is no Kids Club. One of the teaching staff at Potley Hill - Elaine Crisp passed away and today is her funeral. Mrs Crisp had been teaching at Potley for many, many years and a well respected teacher. I wish strength and comfort for her family, friends and colleagues today.

So this afternoon Charley and I will be baking cakes and decorating them, she is looking forward to it! Im hopefully off to a crop on thursday so I best start thinking about what to take, I dont really have any projects on at the moments!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Poor, poor cat!!!!

Had to show you this picture of Merley once Charley had finished with her! Doesnt she look cute!

Not sure that the cat was as happy as Charley was at this!!!


I feel like time is running away with me at the minute, there is just so much to do and so little time, I was ironing yesterday morning at 6am and it took me till 8.30am before I finished!

My cosy evening in on my own was wasted as I sat online and played msn games, what a waste of 3 hours! I think I need to prioritise now and focus on getting all the handmade xmas pressies sorted, yes I know its mid october but I already have mum and dads pressies sorted and am starting on Charlottes home made pressies later today, just need to pop to poundbusters for some more wooden bookmark shapes and Im sorted.

We are having a tight xmas this year and I have a set budget for pressies already laid out, what am I doing talking xmas in october!!! I must be mad, but now Im working full time I really dont have the hours that I used to have to be able to put the same kind of effort into christmas.

I got my xmas cupcake swap cards through the other day and they are fab although Im not too sure about some of the recipes, courgette muffins really dont do it for me!!!! However there are some really yummy ones too including chocolate truffle and spiced apple cupcakes which sound lovely!!!

Ive been busy making loads of 6x6 recipes for ruth and michaelas recipe books as it looks like kids club will close early. My deputyis going for an interview on monday which I do hope she gets as it would suit her to the ground! If she does she only has to give one months notice, so I guess thats the end of that!!!! I suppose at least then Ill have only morning work to do so I can stop all my xmas prep so early! Will keep you posted on whats going on!

Right off to Fizzy Kids for dd to battle around in the balls then town for some more wooden bookmarks, Ill try and post what we do with them on here!
Hey look! I finally got round to uploading steves birthday cake that Charlie and I made!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Oh heck is it really xmas already!

Just spent the last 2 hours battling round town for a pair of shoes for DH, you would think its xmas tomorrow and we are only just at the beginning of october, I am not going to the shops agian on the weekend now, its mad!

Anyhows shoes are now got! So I am going sit here and craft for 1/2 an hour or so too destress myself!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Thank you Becks!!!

I am now the pround owner of some lovely new basic grey journalling stamps thanks to Becks who has a wish granted wednesday giveaway for all to join in with and I won by leaving a comment, so here are my lovely new stamps!!!

Still no news on when the kids club is closing but I reckon by end of november it will be gone!!!!!!!! Hooray! I shouldnt say that but its soooo boring with only a couple of children a day!

Right off to my boring afternoon job!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Second time lucky!!!

Well this morning I spent 20 mins writing a huge post, then blogger went wrong and I lost the whole thing!!!! Now I cant remember what on earth I was writing about!

Steves birthday was good, Charlotte made some fabby snakes for the top of the cake and our snakes and ladders board looked brill!

We are off to jongleurs on friday night to celebrate his birthday and charley will be at mums for the night so should be good fun!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Naughty blogger!

Oooooooopppppppsssss! I havent blogged for a few days and I havent done my Learn Something New for about a week!!! Time is just slipping away!

Steve loved his album that I made, even if I wasnt too happy with it! He has a few cards and a couple more pressies to come but I was in a state of shock when he said that he actually liked the t-shirt I chose for him (I chose something that he would never have chosen!)

Ive been a naughty girl this week, after getting my new wheelable trolley I decided that I had to have the papermania mini tote that sits on top of it too! So that arrived this lunchtime along with some 6x6 pm paper pads that were reduced to £1.49. Thank you Craft Superstore for very quick service - order was only paid for yesterday lunchtime!!!!! Anyhow so now I have my matching absolute lilac matching set!!! Im off to the craft shop on friday to pick up my pink paper trimmer and pokey tool too!!!!! Then that is the end of my spends for the month.

Might I just add that I have also spent a fortune on new clothes also, sainsburys had theirs on 25% off this week so I had to buy some as Im fast running out of decent stuff for work!

Right Im off to fill my tote and enjoy using it!