Sunday, 12 October 2008


I feel like time is running away with me at the minute, there is just so much to do and so little time, I was ironing yesterday morning at 6am and it took me till 8.30am before I finished!

My cosy evening in on my own was wasted as I sat online and played msn games, what a waste of 3 hours! I think I need to prioritise now and focus on getting all the handmade xmas pressies sorted, yes I know its mid october but I already have mum and dads pressies sorted and am starting on Charlottes home made pressies later today, just need to pop to poundbusters for some more wooden bookmark shapes and Im sorted.

We are having a tight xmas this year and I have a set budget for pressies already laid out, what am I doing talking xmas in october!!! I must be mad, but now Im working full time I really dont have the hours that I used to have to be able to put the same kind of effort into christmas.

I got my xmas cupcake swap cards through the other day and they are fab although Im not too sure about some of the recipes, courgette muffins really dont do it for me!!!! However there are some really yummy ones too including chocolate truffle and spiced apple cupcakes which sound lovely!!!

Ive been busy making loads of 6x6 recipes for ruth and michaelas recipe books as it looks like kids club will close early. My deputyis going for an interview on monday which I do hope she gets as it would suit her to the ground! If she does she only has to give one months notice, so I guess thats the end of that!!!! I suppose at least then Ill have only morning work to do so I can stop all my xmas prep so early! Will keep you posted on whats going on!

Right off to Fizzy Kids for dd to battle around in the balls then town for some more wooden bookmarks, Ill try and post what we do with them on here!
Hey look! I finally got round to uploading steves birthday cake that Charlie and I made!!!

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Laura said...

wowey!that cake is so so amazing!