Monday, 20 October 2008

Been a while

since I blogged, but time is just running past me at the minute, I dont know why but there just doesnt seem to be one spare minute in the day! Went to a crop last week and did a bit more on Charlottes 3rd birthday album and have booked a place on Rachels mini book class in November, were making an album in a mini suitcase, I think I will also do her xmas one which is a canvas, mini note book and a plaque, so thats me sorted for a while!

Ive managed to find some tines for altering so am going to make a load of recipe cards and decorate the tin for mum for xmas and I still have to finish the calenders that I have started. Decided that I will also make one for my nan and brother and sister in law to be! Not sure whether my older brother and his wife would appreciate one or not!

Hoping to get one or two more notices from Kids club children this week we had another two last week which means there are 2 kids an afternoon! Whoopee do!

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