Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The house is filled with the smell of cupcakes, inspired by the ones we had last weekend at the music festival!  mine are better of course, both in look and taste!  i even went all professional and piped the icoing on and everything, topped them all of with a bit of glitter and well posh!  Will post a pic in the morning.

Havent scrapped for ages, but I am card making at the moment for the residential home that my nan is in and also for the forces out in afghanistan, so have 2 charity projects going on, but I want to do lots for both as they are both worthwhile causes!

Anyhow, Im off as Lottie is trying out her new bike - its not a new one - but a hand me down from some friends, but it looks good enough!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Where has the time gone!

Whoa, slow down!  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, Ive had no laptop since the 3rd June, and I am finally back online now!!!!  I did get my laptop back from the dead, for 3 days, before it died again!  Never buy a medion!!!!  They have spent more on new motherboards than the computer is actually worth!!!  Each one costing £236.00 including the person to fit them!!!  Its had 2 in the space of a month! But never mind I am back!!!!

So what have I been up too... well I have a new job in an infant school, its a maternity contract but will do!  I have left my own school, which was good to do, but I shall miss some people like crazy, esp Steph, who will I laugh with about 'Rat' and the 'bear fruit' !  Long story, but bought tears to my eyes!

We scattered Grandad's ashes last week and I was very lucky to be able to go, I nearly wasnt!  It has helped quite a lot with the healing process, and I do like going to the crem to sit on his bench in the peace and quiet!

So the summer hols are upon us and we are going to enjoy them, hopfully my laptop wont give up the ghost in the next few days! 

Will be back soon!