Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why does nothing go to plan!

Ok so today we were meant to be castless. but no we are now sporting a rather florescent (spelt wrongly Im sure!) pink cast for another 2 weeks.  When the took the shoulder height cast off, Lottie started crying, when the doctor examined it she cried more and told him it hurt.  So he said, back to the plaster room.  I suppose that at least this one is only up to just under the elbow.  Working it out the hospital has had over £20 in car park fees off us this time, you would think they could have the decency to at least sweep the cigarette butts out of if, bearing in mind how much money they must have had out of us including canteen and shop sales too!

So that was today gone!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The holidays have finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay. I finished work today, I have had a ball at my school and ma now very sad that I have to leave, but excited to be going on somewhere else.  Im with a very different catchment of children this coming year so will prove to be very interesting.

We are off to the hospital again tomorrow, fingers crossed that everything is ok and we may have no cast after tomorrow!!!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Wanderer returns

Been a while since I was last here again, Ive turned into one bad blogger, but to be fair life is just busy, busy, busy.  Ive started selling handmade cards on ebay again - so in need of the extra cash, so most nights I am churning out personalised cards leaving little time for anything else!

Lottie broke her arm in June so have spent the last few weeks back and forth to hospital appointement, Im hoping that when we go on wednesday the cast will be off for good and everything will be ok again!  Fingers crossed.

Well while most people have broken up from school we still have 2 days to go next week, so unfair, I need a holiday!